Toxic Shock Syndrome Causes

Toxic shock syndrome is a health condition that is triggered by the toxic substances released by certain bacteria. This is a rare bacterial infection, but it can be a life-threatening condition. The symptoms of this condition appear suddenly and become fatal quickly. Thus, it is must to understand about toxic shock syndrome.

Toxic Shock Syndrome Causes:
Toxic shock syndrome is caused due to the release of toxic substances into the human body by the bacteria. It is said that staphylococcus aureus is responsible for this bacterial infection. Sometimes, staphylococcus pyogenes bacteria can also cause toxic shock syndrome. Following are ways how these bacteria enter the human body.

  • Tampons are the major reason behind this syndrome. Researchers and doctors do not have exact reasons behind this condition, but they cause toxic shock syndrome. Some say that this syndrome is caused by super absorbent tampons that are kept for a prolonged period. This allows the bacteria to grow, flourish and later enter body through vagina. Another reason can be tampon fibers. These can cause scratches because of continuous friction and allows bacteria to enter blood. Hence, many women suffer from this syndrome compared to men.
  • Not only women at menstrual age suffer from this condition, but it may also be caused by birth control methods or a contraceptive sponge.
  • Children, men and older women may suffer from this syndrome. It is caused by staph infection. In these cases, it occurs due to surgeries and skin wounds.

Toxic Shock Syndrome Symptoms:
Possible signs and symptoms of this syndrome are as follows:

  • Headaches
  • Seizures
  • Redness of the eyes, throat and mouth
  • Muscle aches
  • Confusion
  • Rashes that are similar to sunburn can appear on soles and palms
  • Diarrhea or vomiting
  • Low blood pressure or hypotension
  • Sudden high fever

Treatment for Toxic Shock Syndrome:
If you suffer from this syndrome, you may be hospitalized and are given antibiotics. Health practitioners may detect the underlying cause of the infection. Besides antibiotics, you may also get treatment for symptoms. If the blood pressure drops, medicines are prescribed for stabilizing the condition and fluids for treating dehydration. The toxins that are released by strep bacteria or staph bacteria and along with low blood pressure can cause kidney failure. You need dialysis if your kidneys fail.

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  1. My daughter died of tampon related TSS last summer; she was diligent about hygiene, used only regular tampons and changed very often for fear of TSS. If you are young (under 30) you most likely don’t yet have the antibodies against the toxins so please use 100% cotton tampons only. It’s rayon in the tampons that make toxins. Toxin production begins 2 hours after putting in a tampon and changing tampons doesn’t remove it; it waits inside for the next tampon to keep getting stronger. Your body needs 8 hours tampon free to let this toxin dissipate. This is why you should never, ever sleep in a tampon.
    Scientific evidence proves that 100% cotton tampons produce no toxins and are totally safe. These are available at health food stores and online.
    In memory of Amy Rae Elifritz 10/16/89 – 6/13/10

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