Festival Season Enhances Diabetes Risk for Indians

Diwali in India

Festival time in India means feasting on sweetmeats, parties and family outings. But, such binging combined with a sedentary lifestyle and genetic traits make Indians vulnerable to ailments like diabetes. In fact, India is the diabetes capital of the world as it hosts the most diabetics among all nations.

Festive Feasting Causes Ailments
This month features festivals like Dussehra, Durga Puja and most importantly, Diwali on October 26. Doctors say during the festive season the obesity rate rises, diabetics lose sugar control and those on the borderline start showing signs of diabetes as Indian festivals mean binging on sweets and confectioneries.

Diabetes Capital
Festival fun also spikes diabetes levels which can lead to serious conditions like stroke, heart disease, nerve or kidney damage and even blindness. Type 2 diabetes is most prevalent and is caused by a sedentary lifestyle without exercise, and obesity. India has about 62.4 million cases, which is the highest of any country.

Reasons for the Diabetes Epidemic
Western fast food is also making inroads into Indian culture and eating habits. Also, middle class Indians have low awareness about what is healthy eating. Even in villages, diabetes rates are rising fast due to stress and the adoption of city culture. Research reveals that last year 11.6 million Indians became diabetics and another 77.2 million are pre-diabetics with high blood sugar levels.

Limited Eating and Active Lifestyle
Health experts say diabetes could trigger a disease epidemic, over-burdening India’s health infrastructure. So, it is up to individual Indians to wake up and take remedial measures such as limited and nutritious eating, active lifestyle with regular exercise and refraining from binging on sweets and sugary drinks. The treatment for diabetes starts from the plate.

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