Earlobe Infection

An earlobe infection is the swelling of earlobe. This is caused by the staphylococcus bacteria which infect the ear’s skin. Also, earlobe piercing can hurt the earlobe, resulting in earlobe infection. If you get your earlobe pierced with an unsterilized needle, you may have the chances of getting earlobe infections. Also, it can be triggered by serious and frequent earlobe infections. This is often seen in wrestlers and boxers. Moreover, ripping of ear due to the earrings which are made from nickel or other metal which does not suit your ear’s sensitive skin can infect the earlobe.

Symptoms of Earlobe Infection:
Following are the signs and symptoms of earlobe infection:

  • Rashes and inflammation leading to ear pain if touched are the early symptoms of an earlobe infection.
  • Tenderness of ear’s skin is another sign of this infection.
  • If infection of the earlobe is caused by earring, you may experience pus oozing out from the infected area. The pus dries off leading to formation of the stiff dry covering along the fissure of earring hole.

Treatment for Earlobe Infection:
First thing that one must do is to remove their earring if their earlobe is infected. Later, clean the area and then apply alcohol which dries off yellow pus. Also, people are advised to apply antiseptic cream or antibiotic. Also, usage of hydrogen peroxide helps in treating the condition. This kills the bacteria which are present in infected region. This earlobe infection can be cured in 1 – 2 weeks. It can recur if proper care is not taken.

Tips for avoiding Earlobe Infection from Earring:
Ear piercings are the breeding grounds for microorganisms. If thorough care is not taken, infection may spread to other sites. In order to prevent this, one must get their ears pierced from a professional piercer and in a proper manner. It is best to get it done with piercing gun. Also, ensure that a clean jewelry is used. Following are some aftercare tips to avoid infection.

  • Never touch the earlobes without cleaning hands because bacteria grow quickly.
  • Clasp new earring loosely as tight earrings block the flow of air. They also reduce blood flow to the earlobe and make it more prone to infection.
  • Always keep the ears clean. It is best to wash the piercing area twice a day.
  • One may wash the piercing with soap and water after 3 – 4 days after piercing the ear.
  • In some cases, certain metals can cause infection of the earlobe if your skin is sensitive to the metal. When you get the ears pierced, first wear pure jewelry to prevent the infection.
  • It is good to wear gold jewelry for a month after piercing the ear.

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