Vitamin E Pills Raise Risk of Prostate Cancer: Study

Vitamin pills

A new research study reveals that taking Vitamin E pills raises the risk of prostate cancer by 17%. The trial monitored greater than 35,000 men and discovered raised levels of prostate cancer among men who took vitamin E. The researchers state that vitamin E supplements significantly raised prostate cancer risk in healthy men. The study has been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Vitamin E Supplements are Risky
Ironically, the study had been launched to analyze whether vitamin E reduces the risk of prostate cancer. The researchers say the general public should refrain from using vitamin E supplements as they have no benefits and raise risks. In the study more men who took vitamin E went on to get prostate cancer, when compared to other groups.

Prostate Cancer is a Common Cancer
The researchers say the research shows even innocuous substances like vitamins can cause harm. The men who started the trial did not suffer from prostate cancer and exhibited only average risk of getting the disease. Prostate cancer is next only to skin cancer in terms of numbers in the US. The American Cancer Society reveals this year 240,890 prostate cancer cases will be detected in the US and 33,720 men may die of the disease.

Risk Continues Even after Stopping Intake
The study does not explain why Vitamin E increases the risk of prostate cancer. The risk continues even after patients stop taking supplements of the vitamin. The researchers say consumers should be cynical of the health benefits claimed by unregulated OTC products where conclusive evidence is absent. The trial received funding from a number of health institutes in the US.

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