Homosexuality Becoming More Acceptable in the US

A new research study reveals that younger generations in the US have greater tolerance towards lesbians and gays and socially accept them. Though the nation is divided on the issue of gay marriage, most Americans support freedom of expression and civil liberties for gays.

More Support for Gay Marriage
This is a vast change from the 1970s. In 1973, 70% of Americans opined homosexuality was wrong. This has come down to 44% in 2010. The research findings reveal social trends are towards more tolerance of gays and homosexuality. Support for gay marriage has also increased from 11% in 1988 to 46% in 2010. But, 40% still oppose same-sex marriage.

Generation Gap in Support
A vast generation gap is noticeable on gay marriage. 64% of Americans below 30 support same-sex marriage, but just 27% above 70 offer support. Last year, just 26% of those below 30 opined homosexuality was wrong. But, a whopping 63% of those above 70 feel it is wrong.

Support for Civil Liberties
Among the general population, 44% of respondents to the survey felt homosexual sex was wrong. 41% said it is not wrong and 11% dithered on choosing either side. The survey reveals a marked increase in support for the civil liberties of lesbians and gays over the last 20 years.

Greater Acceptance Since 1973
In 1973, only 62% supported a gay individual’s right to public speaking. This increased to 86% last year. In 1973, only 48% supported homosexuals’ right to teach at universities and colleges. This rose to 84% in 2010. In 1973, 54% supported library books that show homosexuality in a good light. This support increased to 78% in 2010.

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