Dry Throat Causes

Dry throat is also called sore throat. It is characterized by the dry scratchy throat and in some cases, a sore feeling around and in throat which worsens while swallowing food or speaking. This is the most common health condition in winters. This goes away with over the counter medicines and home remedies. Dry throat causes are discussed below.

Dry Throat Causes:
Apart from winters, even viral infections like influenza or cold cause dry throat. There are a few other factors which cause dry throat. Following are a few causes of dry throat:

Allergies: Allergic reactions which are caused by exposure to some chemicals, food or even change in environmental conditions cause the throat to dry. Also, many household cleaning products contain strong chemicals, thus you must be careful about these products as they cause dry throat after using them.

Botulism Food Poisoning: This is an infectious disease which is caused by Clostridium botulinum bacterium. These bacteria block the nerve functionality, leading to musculoskeletal and respiratory paralysis. The symptoms of dry throat develop within 12 – 36 hours after ingestion of bacteria. Seek immediate medical attention if you observe this food poisoning.

Smoking: Smoking tobacco, cigarettes and/or any form of drug can trigger dry throat. The ingredients in these substances dehydrate the body by dispensing the fluids. Smoking marijuana leaves causes scratchy and dry throat. Reduce the quantity of smoking or avoid smoking to get rid of this condition.

Dry air: In winters, moisture levels in air reduce which forces us to inhale dry cold air. This irritates throat membranes making them feel scratchy and dry. Thus humidify the air if you are spending many hours indoors.

Vocal cords: A constant screeching or loud voice causes dry throat. Even though it is not a medical problem, over screeching and screaming stretches vocal cords and irritates it.

Dehydration: This is the most common cause of dry throat. Low fluid levels in the body make the throat dry, particularly in winters. Hence, drink more fluids and stay away from salty foods for avoiding dehydration.

Though dry throat causes are not bothersome, consult the medical practitioner if they persist for many days. Most dry throat problems can be cured with over the counter medications or home remedies.

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