Cocaine and Heart Problems

Cocaine is the compound that comes from the leaves of coca plant in South America. The name of this drug was given by Albert Niemann while he was carrying out his researches about cocaine plants.

It has got strong stimulating abilities. The main effect of taking cocaine is increase of dopamine, noradrenalin and serotonin inside the brain. Dopamine is responsible for feeling of euphoria, serotonin causes the positive mood and noradrenalin activates power of observation. People take it to feel better and have fun, but they should also know the risks associated with using this drug. Cocaine can cause coronary artery disease and it can lead to heart problems.

How does Cocaine work?Man Using Cocaine
It has got a white crystalline powder form and it is usually taken through the nose by snorting. After snorting, cocaine is absorbed into the bloodstream, from where it comes to the brain and it starts stimulating the body. It can be also given as an injection directly to the bloodstream or can be smoked, wherein it goes to the lungs and then it is absorbed into the bloodstream. While taking cocaine, the blood vessels are constricted leading to rise of blood pressure, which accelerates the rate of heart beat. The temperature of the body is also warmer.

Cocaine influences the nervous system by blockage of dopamine. Dopamine is a substance responsible for feeling of positive emotions. After feeling of euphoria, this substance is mopped up to the further parts of the brain by transporters where it waits for the next positive events. Cocaine use leads to a stop in the working of these transporters from removing dopamine and it causes the longer feeling of happiness and joy.

Cocaine and Heart DiseaseCocaine and Heart Disease
It has been known for a long time that cocaine accelerates the heartbeat, increases the blood pressure and the weight of the heart. There is common known that this drug might be a cause of the heart attack. According to a scientific paper, doctors from Europe describe the case of a 27 year old man, who was dead after taking a big cocaine dosage. The patient visited the hospital with a very strong chest pain, which lasted for 3 hours. The patient told the doctors that he took cocaine and was drinking alcohol one day ago. This man did not have any potential contributing factors of heart attack. The doctors carried out the researches and they affirmed heart attack. Immediately, the patient was referred to the hemodynamics ward. The specialists found a massive blood clot in the right side of the coronary artery. This situation is caused by the prothrombotic activity of this drug. Of course, there are much more known and documented examples of heart attack after taking cocaine.

Avoiding Cocaine
You should be completely aware of the risks involved in taking cocaine. There are many more risks which can cause heart attack and various other serious consequences.

  1. Avoid cocaine because it causes a lot of side-effects in your body. As we said, for example, it stimulates the nervous system, which can lead to insomnia, irritability, severe anxiety.
  2. Avoid cocaine by choosing good and reliable friends who do not take this drug. Even if you do not take cocaine, You may be tempted to try it if you are in the company of drug addicts. Peer pressure is one such factor which may lead you to experiment with drugs.
  3. Avoid the parties and places where cocaine is used commonly. Be smart and decide about your life. You should resist the temptation and do not take the drug. Avoiding these places will reduce the desire of trying it.
  4. Avoid the monotony, do a lot of interesting exercises, activities, meet with good friends and live life the way it should be lived. While you are not bored and when there is no monotony in your life, then you do not need any drugs. Remember that they work only in short-term and taking cocaine does not help you overcome obstacles or monotony.

In recent times, several drugs, including cocaine, are more common and available. The more people take it, the more problems associated with health arise. The consequences of taking the drugs are for everyone to see. One such common problem in the 21st century is ‘cocaine and heart diseases’, with many people falling prey to the use of this drug. It depends only on us how far will it go. People have their own minds and only they can decide whether they choose to take cocaine or not.

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