10 Weirdest Places on Earth

There are probably very few places on earth which man hasn’t explored till date. Man has even deciphered many mysteries on earth. Humans are also looking at decoding the mysteries of moon and mars. However, there are some weird places on earth which are beyond human explanation. This article tries to bring forth the top 10 weirdest places on earth you would have ever witnessed.

10 weirdest places on earth

  1. Aurora Borealis – North Pole

    Aurorae are natural lights displayed in the northern sky in the polar region (North and South Pole). These beautiful lights are called “dance of the spirits” by the Cree (an indigenous tribe) and occur in the ionosphere layer of the atmosphere. These lights are formed due to the collision of atoms with energetic charged particles in the ionosphere.

  2. Fly Geyser – Reno

    The fly geyser is a small geothermal geyser which is situated near Gerlach, Nevada. It is situated in the Fly ranch and hence has also got the name, Fly ranch geyser. The geyser was accidentally formed by a water drill and now sprays continuous hot water. The geyser is about 5 feet high and about 12 feet wide, and it can be reached only through a small private dirt road. The ranch however is a private property and is not open to the public. Yet, many people have attempted to escape the private fences and booby traps just to obtain one glimpse of this beautiful geyser.

  3. The Easter Islands – Pacific Ocean

    This is one of the most isolated, inhabited and mysterious islands on earth. It is situated in the Southern Pacific Ocean about 2000 miles west of Chile, and got its name due to a Dutch explorer, Jacob Roggeveen, who discovered this island on an Easter Sunday in 1722. The most famous feature of this island, are the gigantic statues on its beach which stand in a single line facing the ocean as if they are waiting for some sailors. The island’s fame is disproportionate to its population. The island’s population has faced centuries of famines, civil wars, colonialism, deforestation, epidemics and slave raids. The island’s fame and controversies come mainly from the origins of the population and most importantly, the gigantic statues and their purpose. Numerous theories have been put forward. However, nothing much is known about these statues.

  4. Pamukkale – Turkey

    The white terraced pools at Pamukkale, Turkey are most appreciated for their strange and enigmatic beauty for over two millennia. These pools are the result of calcium carbonate rich hot water springs which sprung up to the surface to the frequent earthquakes in ancient Turkey thousands of years ago. In time, water evaporated leaving behind the chalky calcium carbonate, which condensed and formed layers of travertine. Even the Greco-Romans identified the importance and rarity of this place and built a city called Heirapolis (meaning “Sacred City” or “Holy City”).

  5. Moeraki – New Zealand

    These giant, alien boulders are located on the Koekohe Beach, a part of the Otago coast in New Zealand. They appear either scattered or isolated in clusters on the beach, and have been protected in a reserve. There are many legends which surround these weird looking boulders. However, these boulders were formed by sedimentary deposits accreting around a core. Some of these rocks weigh up to several tonnes spanning up to three meters. In recent times, they have become a popular tourist attraction.

  6. Great Blue Hole – Belize

    Blue holes are found all over the place in the Bahamas both on land and water. The Great Blue Hole in Belize is an underwater sinkhole. The Blue holes are deep circular cavities which are usually entrances to cave networks. These cave networks are home to some of the most intriguing and scientifically unknown aquatic creatures. These were formed over millennia when the seal levels were much lower. Due to the melting of ice and the rising sea levels after subsequent ice ages, the cave networks were flooded and filled with water.

  7. Eye of Africa – Mauritania

    The “Eye of Africa” in reality, is a mysterious depression in the Sahara desert. This depression indeed looks like a human eye when seen from above. This is a natural phenomenon and is a Richat structure. This structure is caused by the dome shaped symmetrical uplifting of the hidden underlying geology which is now visible due to the erosion over millennia. However, this is just one version accepted by a particular class of the scientific community. According to few academics, it is a site of meteor impact. Some other scientists believe that this site is caused by underground nuclear blasts. However weird the claims are, the site is definitely one weird place you can find on earth.

  8. The Bermuda Triangle

    There are few places on earth which are more mysterious than the Bermuda Triangle itself. This mysterious spot is also called the “Devil’s Triangle” and is located in the North Atlantic Ocean. This is the spot where ships and aircrafts mysteriously disappear. There are many claims surrounding this mysterious spot, ranging from earth’s magnetic field to an underground alien base pulling anything which comes its way. Whatever the truth is, this is one spooky and mysterious place, where there is no escape for any planes and ships passing this region.

  9. Mt. Roraima – Brazil/Venezuela/Guyana

    Also known as “Roraima Tepui” and “Cerro Roraima”, this mountain has a special place for the indigenous people. This is also a place which is a central place for their mythologies and legends. This is the highest mountain in the Pakaraima range in South America. The thirty one square kilometer summit area is surrounded by four hundred meter tall cliffs on all side and the only easiest way to climb it is from the Venezuelan side where there is a natural staircase-like ramp. It rains almost daily on the top of the mountain, thus clearing the nutrients required for plant growth. This creates a unique landscape on the sandstone surface of the mountain.

  10. Hell’s Door – Turkmenistan

    The “Hell’s Door” is situated in the Karakum desert of the Derwze (Darvaza) village in Turkmenistan. The hole is nothing but a cavern filled with natural gas which was tapped by Soviet geologists in 1971. During drilling, the roof of the cavern collapsed and left a huge crater-like sinkhole with a diameter of 60-70 meters and a depth of 25 meters. There were attempts to burn it off in order to avoid poisonous gas discharge. However, it was found out that the sources of natural gas were far deeper and it was decided to ignite the emissions rather than risking a local poisoning or a concentrated build-up of harmful gas. According to sources, the burning has continued till today and thus been dubbed as “The Gate to Hell”.

Of course, these are not the only weird places on earth, as there are numerous unexplored places existing on this planet. But due to their mysterious and weird nature, they definitely can be referred to as the weirdest places on earth.

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