Steve Jobs – The iCon behind the Top 10 Apple Products that Changed the World

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Gone are the days when an apple was merely a fruit. With the launch and rise of Apple Computers Incorporation, apple became one of the technological jargons. It was due to the efforts of Steve Jobs, the cofounder, chief executing officer and chairman of Apple, that the world saw a small project, that started in a garage, turning into the second largest company in the world.

Apple Computers constantly delivered technological products with the innovated ideas of the tech mogul, Steve Jobs. This continued with the emergence of ‘i’ revolution. Steve’s iGeneration of Apple gadgets created an unforgettable legacy of groundbreaking technology.

Here are the top 10 Apple products that have changed the world for good.

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1. Apple II
It was hand-built by Steve Wozniak, the other founder of Apple Computers. This product was released in the year 1977, just 12 months after the release of Apple I. Apple II fetched $79 in sales, after it sold many units till 1979, becoming the fastest-selling personal computer of the time.

2. The Macintosh
The first Macintosh version (128K) was released in the January of the year 1984. The Macintosh 128J was designed a little differently, in order to be used by the normal users, rather than by engineers and businessmen. It was comparatively easier to use.

3. The iMac
In 1998, the company delivered iMac, the computer that led Apple to a large fortune and brought it to a position where it is today. It was a completely different concept back then, and was liked by all.

4. The iPod
The launch of this gadget was seen a decade back, in this same month. This is the device that led this company from being a computer giant to being a mass-market electronics firm. It sparked a revolution in the world of digital music. The first-generation iPod was an elegant MP3 player having a 10-hour battery lifespan that could store 1,000 songs.

5. The iPod Nano
The iPod mini was discontinued to be produced when it was at the pinnacle of its popularity in the month of September of 2005. It was replaced with a much smaller nano version. This product was reinvented the 6th time in September 2010. The newer nano was 15g lighter than its predecessor with 21.1g of weight. It was also half the height of the previous version.

6. The iPhone
In January of 2007, the company unveiled its killer product – the iPhone. It was an instant hit with both the techies and non-techies. In its reviews, it carried the words – beauty, excitement, delight, charm. The 5th incarnation of this model was unveiled earlier this week.

7. The iTunes
The iTunes was released in January 2001, bringing an all-in-one program for digital music. It incorporated and included internet radio, an MP3 playback as well as a CD writing unit. Now, with the cloud revolution, people can access the digital music wirelessly across any of the devices.

8. The iPad
The so-called ‘Jesus tablet’ of Apple was launched in January of 2010. It was everything that anyone ever needed. This created a new market. But this product was later copied by many of its rivals. iPad was named ‘the oversized iPhone’ with a screen size of about 9.7 inches.

9. iOS App Store
The new milestone came with the emergence of App Store. Since its launch in July of 2008, there has been 15 billion downloads of around 500,000 apps, making it a cornerstone to the success of iPhone. This has again brought this media giant to the forefront and also spawned a new market for developers. The App Store was expanded to OS X computers, creating a potential new era of software development.

10. Apple Stores
On 19 of May in the year of 2001, the first retail store of the company was opened in Glendale (California). As per the count, the company has opened more than 350 of its retail stores around the world.

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The century’s greatest visionary and innovator, Steven Paul Jobs, had been battling pancreatic cancer since seven years which eventually led to his death in California at the age of 56 on 5th of October, 2011, leaving his wife, 3 daughters and a son behind. The founder of NeXT, which was later bought by Apple in 1996, had resigned from his CEO post in August 2011, and was elected chairman of the board of directors of Apple. This position was held by him until his death.

Steve was an ‘ideal for all chief executives’. His death was a loss to the world. But this technologist indeed left behind a lot to be remembered by generations to come.

As of now, the Apple Company relies on the name of this genius. It must continue to deliver quality products and services in order to retain its share in the market and also to keep Steve’s name alive in the hearts and minds of all the people around the world. Let us only hope that we continue to receive products and gadgets of the ‘i’ family.

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