US Obesity Rate Reduces Slightly, Reveals Study


A new survey reveals a slight increase in the number of normal-weight Americans and a slight decrease in the number of overweight and obese individuals. Still, the latter category continues to be a solid majority. In 2011’s third quarter, 36.6% of Americans had normal weight, up from 35.6% last year, reveals the survey by the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.

Decline in Obesity Rate
Together, overweight and obese Americans account for greater than 60% of the total population. The study researchers say the declining obesity rate is encouraging. Overweight Americans declined to 35.8% from 36.0% last year and obese Americans declined to 25.8% from 26.6% last year.

Bad Economy the Cause?
The researchers opine the bad economy could be the reason for the decline in obesity rate as more Americans may be forced to eat at home rather than eating high-calorie food at restaurants. The declining obesity rate can end up in medical care savings. The CDC estimated that obesity caused medical costs of about $147 billion in the year 2008.

Survey Details
The survey used self-confessed data of weight and height to determine body mass index. More than 90,000 adults were surveyed via telephone in the months July to September.

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