U.F.O – Top 5 Mysterious Flying Objects!

Mysterious UFO

Stephen Hawking, an English theoretical Physicist, once famously said that “It is possible that UFO’s really do contain aliens as many people believe, and the Government is hushing it up.” We do not know whether these mysterious stories on flying objects are true or not! They do create a lot of stir and fear among the common people. The government remains quiet and the people come up with mystical stories.

Though these stories remained a mystery for a while, but the majority of UFO sightings were a result of natural phenomenon or a cause of man-made objects. It might be a natural thing or man-made, but it does create a lot of commotion. UFO sightings have soared since the last reported sighting where a UFO crashed into Lincolnshire wind farm. Though these mysterious flying objects captured the hearts of many extra-terrestrial fans world-wide, there are some freakier so called crash stories to document.

Here are the top ten freaky or mysterious alien landings witnessed in the history ever!

The Aurora UFO Incident: History has it that a space ship banged into a windmill in Texas on April 17 1897. This explosion was worth watching as it blew up into a thousand pieces. When the debris was searched, all they discovered was the body of a small alien, which was later buried in the local cemetery. This wreckage revealed another mystery that a material sketched with a type of hieroglyphic writing, which was never seen on Earth before. This crash became a famous story and was later transformed into a movie called “The Aurora Encounter in 1986.”

The Berwyn Mountain Incident: This is famously called the “Welsh Rosewell incident” which took place on January 23 1974. A mysterious flying object was believed to have smashed in Berwyn Mountains, Llandrillo, North Wales, where the non-human bodies were scattered. After the reported crash, the area was cordoned by military personnel and Men in Black style strangers. The bodies were discovered by the Welsh police and the British Government covered the event. However, some experts claimed that it was an earthquake, but there were no craters to back their opinions. Some say it was an UFO, but some claim it was an earthquake. Whatever was the thing, it did bring goosebumps to many people at the very thought of aliens!

The Cando event: This inexplicable event occurred in Spain. They experienced this major UFO crash on the early morning of January 18, 1994. People who witnessed it saw a huge gleaming fireball which, the size of a full moon, which fell in a nearby hillside, with trees being displaced over their village. There were some opinions that it was a result of a blast of the underground gases, which vented into the air. However, the local residents claim that it was an UFO – creating conspiracy theories about alien activity all over the country!

Coyame UFO Incident: This mystic event began on the evening of August 25, 1974. The US Air Defence radar detected an UFO heading towards the American airspace from the Gulf of Mexico. However, moments later it collided with a civilian air-plane and finally disappeared from radar. Under spooky consequences, the Mexican government had sent a team to recover the plane, where they received a shiny, silvery disk. But things had gone weirder because as they returned to the base, they fell dead. Researchers believe that the soldiers died as they got exposed to a chemical substance or lethal biological from the crashed craft. After the Mexicans died, they say that the US satellite surveillance and jet flyovers went in teams to recover the ship. They were successful in recovering the ship and took the objects to US. Since then, all reports have been hushed up!

Height 611 UFO Incident: The next place with a similar unfathomable mystery was at Dalnegorsk, Primorsky Krai in the USSR. The inhabitants of this place observed a reddish ball over the hill called “Height 611” at around 8 p.m. on January 29, 1986. Some described it as a hovering ball with lights of different intensities. After three days, a group of ufologists discovered a patched land, which was 2x2m in size. Another shocking thing was the presence of a silvery metal, which was determined to be a type of lead that was not found in that area. The nearby rocks were surrounded with a black film. UFO’s or not UFO’s, these stories do bring in lots of conspiracies.

Whether we believe in them or not, UFO’s do capture the attention of millions of people. Opinions remain divided on whether they actually exist! They are sometimes merely a trick of the mind or are clever hoaxes. Whatever, I would like to cite a quote by the famous German Physicist, Albert Einstein who said that, “ Given the millions of billions of Earth-like planets, life elsewhere in the Universe without a doubt, does exist in the vastness of the Universe, we are not alone.”

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