Infection from Cat Bite

In two million animal bites, nearly 19% are infected by cats. Bites of cat may lead to serious infections. Among them, bacterial infection is the most common one. The bacteria enter the human body through the cat’s saliva.

According to latest studies, nearly 80% people with cat bites suffer from infections. Because of this infection, they suffer from swelling of lymph nodes, headache, fever, sore throat and other health issues. If blood oozes out from the cat bitten area, the risks of infections are very less. The bleeding reduces some infectious saliva out of the wound. Usually, the wound developed by a cat bite is referred to as puncture.

Cat bites can result in several serious infections. Following are some of them:

Staphylococcal infection: Staphylococcal infection is caused by the cat bite. This bacterial infection may result in diseases such as pneumonia, skin infections and blood poisoning.

Streptococcal Infection: This is a bacterial infection which occurs due to cat bites. It causes reddening in the area, painful swelling, kidney diseases and chronic illness. In this infection, the swelling and pain progresses gradually throughout the body.

Pasteurellosis Infection: Pasteurellosis bacteria reside in the cat’s mouth. If a cat bites a person, these bacteria enter the body through the wound and infect the person. It approximately takes 2 – 12 hours for symptoms such as pain, swelling and reddening in the cat bitten area. In a short span of time, these infect the entire body. If a cat bites the hand of a person, the infection spreads to bones or tendons.

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