Whiplash Injury Symptoms

What is Whiplash injury? It is an injury which is sustained in the neck because of sudden head movement in any direction. This unexpected and sudden head movement results in the damage of tendons and ligaments which are present in neck. Because of this injury, one can also experience neck sprain because of strain on ligaments. This condition may take months for healing. This is the most common injury that is observed in road accidents, wherein because of impact force, the neck moves forward suddenly. This injury is often seen in women compared to men. Following are some whiplash injury symptoms that assist in identifying the condition.

Whiplash Injury Symptoms:
If you have a whiplash injury, you will often have hyperflexion and/or hyperextension of neck muscles. This results in strained neck. In many cases, the signs of whiplash injury will not be seen immediately, but rather takes a few hours for developing and signs will be very palpable a day after injury. Following are the whiplash injury symptoms:

  • Neck stiffness and pain is the most common symptom. This pain is felt even if there is no movement and the pain aggravates during the movement, because of which most patients find that their neck movements have reduced.
  • Swelling in the neck region is another common symptom of whiplash. These are often reactionary in nature.
  • Headaches and neck pain are other common combination of symptoms.
  • Also, there may be some radiating effects. The person can experience pain in the lower back because of this injury.
  • Neck spasms and muscle spasms are very rare, but can be seen.
  • Blurred vision, jaw pain, vertigo, difficulty in concentrating, tiredness, dizziness, etc are other symptoms. In some cases, tinnitus that is ringing in ears may also be experienced.

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