Protein in Urine Causes

In medical terms, protein in urine is called Proteinuria. Actually, it is an abnormal high amount of serum protein in urine. The protein in the urine fights against infection, balances body fluids and so on. As protein particles are larger in size in a healthy person, they don’t pass through several filters that are present in kidneys, through urine. However, if you find protein in urine, you must be aware of protein in urine causes.

Causes of Protein in Urine:
Numerous factors cause protein in urine. These factors may cause temporary or persistent presence of protein in urine. Following are the causes of protein in urine:

Persistent Causes of Protein in Urine:
Following are the diseases and conditions that can cause persistent increase of protein in urine:

  • Leukemia can cause protein in urine. This is not a commonly known factor.
  • Another cause includes rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Heart failure and heart disease may cause protein in urine.
  • Excess usage or consistent usage of certain drugs can cause protein in urine. Hence, one must consult the physician for possible side effects of a medication before using it.
  • High blood pressure can also be one of the factors of this condition.
  • Like high blood pressure, diabetes is one of the culprits. Thus, if you’re a diabetic, you must take necessary precautions for preventing further damage.
  • Kidney disease together with urinary tract problem is a major cause of protein in urine.
  • Another main cause of protein in urine is polycystic kidney disease.
  • If you do not drink sufficient amount of water, it can result in protein in urine.

Causes of Temporary Protein in Urine:

  • If you are exposed to cold for a long period, it can result in protein in urine.
  • Fever can also cause this condition. Very few people are aware of this. This subsides as the fever disappears.
  • This condition can also be caused by emotional stress. Emotional stress can cause psychological and physiological problems. Hence, it is must to control stress levels.
  • Excess exposure to heat can also cause this problem.
  • Excess workouts can result in protein in urine.

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