Drunk Driving is Down, Says CDC

Drunken driving

A new survey reveals that drunken driving is on the decline in the US. Such incidents have declined 30% in the past few years. And, last year’s figures were the lowest in two decades. Public drinking may be becoming less popular because of the slow economy. Other research reveals drinking continues to be popular, but drinkers may be avoiding restaurants, night clubs and bars due to higher costs.

Drunk Driving Figures
Some experts say people may have started to drink at home and avoid driving after drinking. The CDC surveyed more than 200,000 US adults last year. About 1 in 50 confessed to drunken driving in the past month equating to about four million drunk drivers last year. Some alcohol addicts said drunken driving is a daily habit for them.

Binge Drinking is Popular
Based on the survey, the CDC estimates greater than 112 million drunk driving episodes in 2010, averaging about 300,000 incidents daily. In 2006, there were 161 million instances of drunk driving. The major culprits were male adults aged 21 to 34 who were responsible for 32% of the drunk driving episodes. Most of the culprit drivers had indulged in binge drinking.

Less Number of Deaths
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals a reduction in drunken driving deaths. The agency states that deaths due to accidents involving drunk drivers reduced to 10,839 in 2009 from 11,711 the previous year. Despite the reduction in drunk driving deaths, inebriated drivers still claim a life every 48 minutes on American roads.

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