Asthma Symptoms in Babies

Asthma is a debilitating condition which affects the breathing ability. Airways inflammation prevents sufficient air from entering lungs. If there is an insufficiency of oxygen for a long period, important organs suffer from oxygen deprivation and they start shutting down. Inhalers or bronchodilators are prescribed for people suffering from asthma as they help to open the airways quickly during asthma attack or prevents them to close during an asthma attack. It is difficult to detect the asthma symptoms in babies, as the babies cannot express in mere words. Consult the doctor immediately, if you suspect your child is suffering from the symptoms of asthma.

Asthma Symptoms in Babies:
Following are the symptoms of asthma in babies:

Headache and Fatigue:
Babies suffering from asthma may show up some symptoms such as headache, runny nose or an itchy throat. The baby may become more tired if he suffers from chronic cough. In such cases, ventolin may be prescribed by the doctor for easing breathing by opening the airways.

Coughing particularly during nights can be an asthma symptom in babies. A chronic cough which lasts long is a symptom. If you observe your child coughing at nights or waking up coughing, then the kid must be taken to the emergency room. Undiagnosed or unmedicated asthma may be a killer if breathing is restricted and attack is severe. The lips of the baby may turn bluish which is a symptom of oxygen deprivation.

Rapid breathing:
Look for rapid breathing in your baby. Fast breathing can be a symptom of upper respiratory tract infection and it can also be a sign of asthma. Consult the pediatrician immediately for getting positive diagnosis.

Apart from difficulty in breathing, babies may start wheezing also. To save child’s life, emergency treatment must be given to the baby.

Chest Tightness:
As less amount of air is available in lungs, the baby may put extra efforts to breathe in extra air, resulting in chest tightness.

Often, infantile spasm is associated with baby asthma. It can be described as the contraction of one or more groups of muscles of body for a less time. In severe cases, it may last for several minutes and the baby must be taken to hospital.

These are a few asthma symptoms in babies. Consult the health care provider immediately, if you observe any of the above discussed symptoms in your child.

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