California Vetoes Banning of Male Circumcision

California has passed a bill that prevents local authorities from outlawing male circumcision. The bill will have immediate effect. It was passed as a reply to the efforts of local groups that are strident in their efforts to ban male circumcision. In July, a California court had adjudged that banning circumcision would impact religious freedom.

Jews Want Circumcision
An anti-circumcision group in San Francisco had started a signature campaign to garner support to make circumcising boys under 18 a crime. But, their efforts met with strident opposition from pro-circumcision religious groups. The ritual of male circumcision is followed by Jews and Muslims. The San Francisco group’s efforts to thwart circumcision had raised the hackles of Jewish groups.

Comic Book Criticism
Previously, anti-circumcision groups had created a comic book which was criticized by the Anti-Defamation League for its anti-semitic message and imagery. It featured a villain called “Monster Mohel”. In the Jewish religion, a mohel performs the circumcision ritual on young boys.

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