Upset Stomach Causes

Upset stomach can be described in numerous ways. It can be a constant pain in the stomach which is accompanied by flatulence, diarrhea or vomiting. In some cases, people complain about a sense of stomach fullness, along with nausea ranging from mild to severe or a form of indigestion of acid which leads to heartburn. Generally, irregular or wrong eating habits are the main cause of stomach upset. However, if a person suffers from upset stomach frequently, the underlying condition can be more serious.

Upset Stomach Causes:
After eating food fast or eating heavy meals, you may get a mild stomach upset. This happens especially when one eats spicy foods or fried foods. This is not a serious health issue. It can be cured if the stomach is given sufficient time for carrying out the process of digestion.

If vomiting and diarrhea accompany upset stomach, it may be due to viral infection in stomach or some food poisoning. When upset stomach and diarrhea persist for a longer period or occur frequently, then the underlying cause may be more serious such as spastic colon, parasitic infection or irritable bowel syndrome.

In some cases, upset stomach can be due to a side effect of certain medications which are used for treating other diseases such as non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs if used for longer period. Besides from foods, medications and drinks, some serious health conditions may result in chronic stomach upset. They are inadequate oxygen supply to heart or cardiac ischemia, Crohn’s disease, appendicitis, pancreatitis, inflammation in stomach lining or gastritis, cholecystitis or inflammation of gallbladder, gastrointestinal diseases and stomach ulcers.

Some food allergies can also trigger upset stomach. If a person is allergic to wheat, the body considers that some harmful substance has entered body and it releases antibodies which results in stomach upset. Acid reflux disease can cause constant heartburn when a person is suffering from upset stomach.

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