Poultice for Infection

Most of us might have suffered from infectious diseases of the skin at some point of time in life. Even though there are many antibiotics, you can use poultice for infection. Apart from drawing out infection, it aids in accelerating the healing process. Poultice increases blood supply to affected area and also relaxes the tensed muscles. Also, they eliminate the toxic substances from infected area. The skin absorbs anything that comes in contact with it immediately. Hence, as soon as poultice is applied on the skin, it absorbs the medicinal benefits and begins the healing process.

Poultice for Infection:
Various types of poultice can be used for treating skin infections. Also, it is must to use appropriate herbs. You can either use fresh or dried herbs for preparing poultice. Following are some poultice recipes which help in treating inflammation, abscesses, infections and boils.

  • Lavender oil and Calendula flowers poultice: For treating skin infections, mix a quarter cup each of calendula flowers and crushed comfrey leaves and 2 drops of lavender oil. Take a jar filled with sterile water and add the above ingredients. Shake these ingredients thoroughly and keep the jar in a dark and cool place for about 4 days. Strain flowers and leaves on the fifth day. Take a cotton bud and dip it in the liquid. Place the bud on infection and wrap it up with the bandage. The bud must be changed twice or thrice in a day.
  • Onion poultice: Take a raw onion and grate it, mix in warm water. Place onion poultice on a thin cloth and wrap it with a bandage. Allow the bandage to stay overnight.
  • Turmeric poultice: Combine turmeric powder and water to make the poultice. Apply this paste on the infected area. It removes all the infection, hence is often called drawing poultice. This can be used for treating boils and many infectious diseases of the skin. Also, you can combine half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and a cup of warm milk and drink the mixture twice a day to fasten the healing process.
  • Mustard poultice: Take mustard seeds and soak them in water for 10 – 15 minutes. Grind them by mixing it either with natural oil or water. Take a thin cloth and place it on the infected skin. Now apply the poultice on it. Never apply poultice directly as it can cause the skin to burn.
  • Potato poultice: Potato poultice is another useful poultice for infection. Take a raw potato and grate it. Place it on the affected area and cover it with the bandage. For better results, leave it overnight.
  • Milk and bread poultice: This has been used for several centuries. For sometime, soak bread in warm milk. Later, make a paste with bread and milk. Apply it on the infection site, thereby helps in eliminating infection and also hastens the healing process.

For sure, poultice for infection is the better way to treat infections. It is best to consult the doctor, if the infection does not subside.

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