Being Single is not Easy in America

Single Man

This month, the US celebrated National Single and Unmarried Americans Week. But, singles in the US have little cause to celebrate. In fact, social scientists are worried about the plight of the American single.

Why Gays Want to Marry
There are about 100 million unmarried Americans today, making up about 50% of the adult population. But, policies and laws often overlook them and are biased towards married couples. These policies range from lower insurance payouts to family-leave advantages. This bias is one of the reasons why gays want to marry.

Singles Offer a Lot
Sociologists say society thinks something is wrong with you if you are not married. Though more people are opting to stay single, nationally all the benefits are targeted at married couples. Ironically, singles contribute a lot more to society while married people tend to concentrate more on their partners and own families.

Singles are Closer to the Community
A recent research report reveals that singles help their parents more and even if they have kids, they are more likely to help outside their family compared to married people. So, it seems that marriage isolates people from society, while singles bond more closely with the community and care for other people.

Social Stigma against Single WomenSingle Woman
Singles also bond more with their nephews, nieces and siblings. About 20% of singles do volunteer work such as teaching, coaching children, fund raising and serving food to the poor. They also visit their neighbors more and single women are more likely to participate in social and political causes. But, single women face social stigma if they are not married by the time they reach their 30s. Even successful women feel they do not have complete lives if they are single.

Singles Suffer “Singlism”
Social researchers have coined a term for discrimination and prejudice against singles. This term is “singlism”. In fact, not long ago singles used to be viewed as selfish, neurotic and deviant. Psychologists and social scientists say the popular view is that it is married people who keep family and community going. And sadly, the contributions of singles towards the welfare and happiness of family and society often get overlooked.

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