Kidney Infection Causes

Kidneys are the most important organs of human body. They assist in cleaning the blood and in balancing the chemicals of body. Also, they help digestive and circulatory system in balancing the composition of chemicals in the body. Kidneys are situated just below the rib cage, near the middle of back and two kidneys are located on either side of spinal cord. They help in excreting waste from blood which is produced by breaking down tissues and blood. If the toxic wastes are not removed by the kidneys, it gets accumulated in the body resulting in several kidney diseases and kidney failure. Actually, kidneys take help of millions of nephrons for removing waste from the body. Also, the tubule and glomerulus also act in tandem with nephrons in removing wastes. Excess water passes through ureters and is stored in urinary bladder, till it is passed out from human body during urination. Here are a few factors which cause kidney infection.

Kidney Infections Causes:
Kidney infection causes are based on the infection type which has occurred. These diseases grow slowly in intestines because of resilience power of kidneys, but over a period of time, which results in intense kidney infections.

This kidney infection is caused by allergic reaction or immune system’s response to infection in other body part. In this kind of infection, glomeruli (filters of kidney) get damaged, resulting in the passage of minerals and blood in urine. This can cause severe kidney infection and also lead to other kidney diseases. Glomerulonephritis can be caused by weak immune system which reduces the capability of the body to combat viral and bacterial infections. Streptococcal infection is considered as the major cause of this condition in children. In children, respiratory system and throat infections can lead to this infection.

This is a type of kidney infection which is caused by bacterial infections. Usually, the bacteria grow in intestines because of wastes in kidneys. If the urinary tract infection reaches kidney’s pelvis, it is called pyelonephritis.

Diabetes Mellitus:
Diabetes mellitus is another major factor which causes kidney infections. This condition can result in renal failure and severe kidney complications. Type 1 and type 2 diabetes cause kidney infections.

Other causes:
Apart from the above mentioned factors, other factors which cause kidney infection are as follows:

  • Enlarged prostate
  • Chronic bladder infections
  • Kidney stones

Symptoms of Kidney Infection:
Following are a few symptoms of kidney infections:

Fatigue: If a person faces continuous fatigue problems, it is highly probable that the kidney is infected. You may feel exhausted and drained out even though you try to work. It may become difficult to keep the eyes open.

Mild fever: In the initial stage of kidney infection, mild fever is very common. In the later stages, there may be a drastic increase in the body temperature.

Lower back pain: If the pain in the lower back persists for a longer period, it can be a sign of kidney problem. Pain can be erratic and can recur at several intervals in the day when you are walking, traveling or sitting. At times, the pain can be severe.

Burning sensation: If you experience severe burning sensation while passing urine, it can be a symptom of kidney infection. Obviously, it is the symptom of urinary tract infections. It becomes difficult for a person to urinate. Also, it is different from usual yeast infections. This pain often brings tears in the eyes of the person.

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