Tips to De-stress Fast by Bringing Home the Beach Life Style

Scenic Beach
With such busy lives to live, we hardly get the time to relax and rejuvenate. Even after a hard day’s work at the office, when we return home we have to pertain to other responsibilities. Vacationing has become a distant dream. But there is no reason to feel sad or depressed if you are missing a holiday at your favorite beach resort. Some basic changes made to the interiors of your house will bring the beach life style, which you are missing so badly back to your home.

Beach life style brings back memories of a laid back life that you had enjoyed under the clear sky with the crystalline water lapping the sea shores. Your work pressure must be taking out the punch from the life, and to bring back the zeal, you can take up renovating strategies that will help you to relax once you get back to your house.

Let us now discuss some steps that will help you in bringing home the beach life style and allow you to have a pleasant stay at home.

The first question that is asked is “Why do you wish to bring the beach essence back in to your house?” The reason would be simply to create a casual, laid back and pleasant feel that would help your mind and soul imbibe the feelings of a beach life. In doing so, the rooms must be portrayed with the feel of leisure and calm that will accentuate the reminders of the sea. For this, two basic steps need to be taken. The first of the steps being, choose appropriate colours that will suit the theme of beach life style.

Choose the right color combinations
Take out your albums and look at the color patterns of the sea represented at the back ground. If you are able to identify these color schemes that will have the closest resemblance to the sea beach lifestyle, it will be a big stress buster. Psychologists attribute colors a great deal of importance when maintaining the calm and composure of our mental state. Once you have zeroed in on the colors that represent the various nuances of the time that you had spent on the beach, half your job of re creating the scenes back home is finished.

You can get the pale shades of colors that can represent the sands at your feet, the crystal blue clear waters of the sea lapping your feet and add some bright colors like orange and yellow in terms of small tid-bits that will further add brightness to the back drop. Blue has always remained the most prominent and sought after color when working for a motive that closely represents a beach life style.

Pick up some rustic furniture
The next step that needs to be done is to select some rustic furniture that would match up with the beach-like back drop color scheme. Start with placing light wood furniture with an unfinished look to give the entire place an old and rustic look. For this image, paint the furniture white and then rub off the paint at the edges, giving it the old look. Casual furniture like easy chairs, decorative and bright colored canvas striped seats placed under some very bright colored canvas umbrella will guarantee an excellent add on to your beach scheme home décor.

Cool bed spreads
Neutral or cool colored bed spreads or couch can be accentuated with small pillows of different colors and shapes. One good contrast would be to choose a light hue of yellow or brown spreadsheet and then place some bright green and golden colored pillows over it. Soft woven blankets and wools will give the whole room a cozy feeling and make you feel like you are staying in an old cottage.

Windows with beach motifs
The windows can also be made beautiful, by adding sheer flowing materials that have motifs of the sea made on them. This will help you to imagine that the soft sea breeze is flowing through the windows. Some antique lanterns or if you are the more creative sort then make paper lamps yourselves and add to the roofs with light arrangements.

Other accessories
You can browse the net as well as the local market for accessories that would further accentuate your beach scheme. Small things like a rustic boat, sea shells, marine life sculptures like the sea gulls and star fishes will help to decorate your home and add color to your motif. Rustic frames with beach photos and paintings of sea side landscapes would be very interesting. Adding drift wood pieces to your shelves along with sea corals would be very interesting.

A beach life style scheme can be given exciting colors with proper planning. Add different beach patterns and accessories to different rooms of the house as per their importance. The bedroom should be cozy as this would rekindle the private moments between you and your partner. Add a hand woven rustic rug here and there along with puffy cushions and create a small sitting area at the corner of the room. You can select different color schemes for the same room. For example, a light blue backdrop with pale green colored palm tree paintings will be a good back drop for the placement of your bed. Add appropriate colors to the bed spread that will give the whole bed room a very bright but also an intimate feel.

Frame those pics
With modern photography techniques you can enlarge some of the beautiful moments of your life that you had spent in your last vacation at the shores of the sea. Adapt these enlarged photos to the back drop of your sitting area.

What about the kid’s rooms?
Kid’s rooms should be happy and pleasant. Select bright colors like gold and yellow to represent the sand. A blue colored spread sheet will give the feel of the calm sea water. You can paint the back drop with the figures of some marine animals and birds like the sea gull and a funny looking octopus. Crabs, horse fishes are some of the common patterns that are selected for such schemes. Girls rooms can again be decorated with the scenes from the story of little mermaid.

Start improvising on your ideas of a beach lifestyle, and see your sweet home getting converted in to the sea resort that you can visit every day, relaxing and spending some of the best moments of each day.

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