Why Metrosexuality is All the Rage among Men

Metrosexual David Beckham

Metrosexuality has become all the rage among men all over the world. The term metrosexuality means men in metropolitan cities paying attention to their clothes, bodies and overall aesthetic appearance in a rather fussy and feminine way. The new metrosexual male thinks it is alright to splurge on clothing and personal care products, and this is making clothing and cosmetic companies rub their hands in glee.

Boom Time for Companies
Walk through the aisles of any supermarket in the US and other countries, and you will find cosmetics, creams, shower gels, facial cleansers and other personal care products meant for men dominating the shelves. Not surprisingly, a number of brands are fighting for their share of the metrosexual cake. Around the globe, metrosexuals are driving the sales of apparel and cosmetic companies.

Metrosexuality is Natural
As these trends indicate, young men these days are showing a greater interest in grooming themselves compared to their fathers or even older brothers. Fashion experts say such a change is a sign of the era we live in. Young men think that using creams and personal grooming products are natural and acceptable for them, so they show no inhibition in getting their bodies waxed, toned, tanned and their hair styled and gelled.

Forces behind MetrosexualityMan in Spa
So what is the driving force behind the rise in metrosexuality in recent times?

Some fashion experts say modern metrosexuals are a product of the media-driven present day culture. Popular culture is dominated by celebrities and their glittery, made-for-television images, and consumer trends are only reflecting that. As word got around that men were spending more on their grooming and clothes, fashion stores and cosmetic companies began to cater to this segment creating a buzz, signaling the mainstreaming of metrosexuality.

A Corporate Ploy?
L’Oréal Paris has been instrumental in making metrosexuality popular. The raging popularity of men’s care products and styling guarantees continued growth in this sector for the company for a number of years. The opportunity for growth remains big as the company thinks that the men’s care segment is still nascent. Surveys indicate that not even 20% of men use facial moisturizers. 25% of men are interested in using skincare products, but have not yet tried them out. While the stigma of using cosmetic products is lessening, most men are still unsure how to go about using them.

Even Men Wear Makeup
Another reason why young men are increasingly using cosmetic products is the pressure in finding good jobs and the competition in attracting the attention of beautiful women. In fact, a Korean public relations company is known to advise its staff, both men and women, to wear make-up while attending to clients.

Ten Signs You are a Metrosexual Metrosexual Man

  1. You make a purchase every time you walk past a clothing store.
  2. You own about 20 pairs of shoes, at least six pairs of sunglasses and watches, and strut about with a man-purse.
  3. For hair care, you visit a stylist and not a barber, as you dig highlights in your hair.
  4. You are better at cooking than your girlfriend.
  5. You only adorn boxer-briefs made by Calvin Klein.
  6. After shaving, you also exfoliate your face and moisturize it.
  7. You wouldn’t buy a pickup truck even if it were the last vehicle on Earth.
  8. You simply can’t go out without styling your hair.
  9. Your favorite alcoholic drink is wine and not beer.
  10. Though you may be flattered when a guy hits on you, you think homosexual sex is truly repulsive.

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