Suspected Carcinogen Found in Children’s Food Cans

Metal Can

Dangerous levels of an industrial chemical named BPA has been found inside canned pasta and soups meant for American children, the Breast Cancer Fund revealed recently. BPA is dangerous because it is suspected to be a carcinogen (cancer-causing agent). The group found BPA levels of 49 parts per billion (ppb) in about a dozen food cans. BPA stands for bisphenol A and it is used in the making of metal cans and plastic bottles. Many research studies have found a possible connection between BPA and cancer and other ailments.

BPA is Already Banned
The Breast Cancer Fund said most of the samples contained BPA. The highest levels were found in Toy Story and Campbell’s Disney Princess soups. The group is urging canned food makers to use healthier alternatives. The EU has already banned BPA use to make baby bottles. The use of the chemical to make baby food containers is restricted in 10 US states and Canada.

Cans from California More Dangerous
The Breast Cancer Fund says BPA affects the body’s hormonal system. It averred this toxic chemical does not belong in canned foods for children. High levels of BPA up to 148 ppb were found in a Campbell’s Disney Princess can containing pasta with chicken broth and chicken. Chef Boyardee, Annie’s Homegrown and Earth’s Best products also underwent testing and eight out of 12 cans had BPA levels exceeding the average of 49 ppb. Cans purchased in California had higher BPA levels compared to other states.

Avoid Canned Children’s Food
The Breast Cancer Fund says lab experiments suggest certain foodstuffs provoke greater leeching of toxic BPA inside packaging. The group advised parents and children to avoid using canned foods. Instead, they should eat more frozen fruits and pasta. Also they should consume soup contained in paper-based packages, it urged.

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