Marijuana Alleviates PTSD Effects in Rats, Finds Study

Rally for marijuana

A new research study has found that timely marijuana administration can block the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in rats. The research was done at Haifa University. This finding is sure to boost the efforts of marijuana proponents who wish to legalize the use of this drug even for recreational purposes.

Prompt Marijuana Treatment is Necessary
The study was recently published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology. It found that prompt treatment with marijuana helped rats avoid PTSD symptoms after undergoing a traumatic experience. The key is prompt administration which is critical to the prevention of PTSD in rats, the researchers said.

Marijuana Alleviated PTSD Symptoms
In the study, the rats were initially exposed to stressful conditions and they started exhibiting PTSD symptoms similar to humans. Rats that did not get marijuana or received the drug after two days, displayed great anxiety and high levels of PTSD signs. Rats that received prompt marijuana treatment did not show PTSD symptoms, though anxiety was present.

Try Marijuana on Humans
The researchers say marijuana does not remove the traumatic experience, but prevents PTSD symptoms developing in rats. They found that marijuana has a positive impact on brain regions responsible for alleviating trauma, fear and stress. The researchers say this study should encourage psychologists to conduct more research on the impact of marijuana in alleviating PTSD and stress in humans.

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