Eating Low-fat Yogurt During Pregnancy can Cause Asthma in Babies


A new research study reveals that eating low-fat yogurt during pregnancy increases the chances of the baby developing hay fever and asthma later on. The researchers were actually trying to check whether fatty acids in dairy items can prevent allergies in kids. They unwittingly found that eating low-fat yogurt during pregnancy can make the babies more vulnerable to asthma before they reach seven years.

The Study
The researchers analyzed the diets of greater than 70,000 pregnant women and also the health status of their kids till they reached seven years. They found that besides asthma, eating low-fat yogurt daily also doubles the risk of the baby developing hay fever (allergic rhinitis).

The Reasons
The researchers say more studies are required as to why this happens. They speculate that low-fat yogurt may contain certain nutrients or the women may have similar dietary patterns and lifestyle habits which increase the risk of asthma for their babies. The answer to the puzzle may be the fact that low-fat yogurt does not contain fatty acids.

Milk is Good for Babies
The good news is that pregnant women can drink milk as it actually protects their babies from contracting asthma. Health experts say pregnant ladies should eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. They should not change their daily diet significantly before talking to their doctor.

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