7 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories

What is the first thing which comes to your mind when you say conspiracy theory? I bet the most famous one is the Roswell at New Mexico or in recent times, the unfortunate 9/11 incident or even the recent killing of Osama Bin Laden. However, there is no dearth for conspiracy theories in this world. Every major incident which happens in any part of the world comes with a conspiracy theory attached to it. Whatever the truth involved in these conspiracy theories, they are definitely loved by the masses. At least most of them make a good bed time story. Here is the list of top 7 conspiracy theories which are here to stay for a long time to come in the history of human civilization.

Top 7 conspiracy theories

  1. The Roswell UFO incidentRoswell UFO Incident

    This is my personal favorite and has to be on the top of the most famous conspiracy theories. For people who are unaware of this, here are some details about the theory. In July 1947, an unidentified flying object (UFO) crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. This incident gave rise to the world wide debate of the existence of aliens in this universe. Witnesses claimed that the debris belonged to an alien spacecraft. They also claimed that the people who survived this wreckage had absolutely no resemblance with any humans i.e. they were aliens.

    On the other hand, the United States military maintained that it was just a top-secret research balloon which crashed at the site. However, after this incident, many UFO researchers such as William Moore and Friedman came to the conclusion that the debris found at the crash site was not made of a material from earth but belonged to an extra terrestrial space craft. Owing to many internal leakages of information and the hush-ups from the United States government, people to this day have maintained that the US government told the entire world a big lie about the existence of aliens.

  2. The 9/11 attack on Twin towerTwin Towers

    In recent times, this has to be the most famous/notorious conspiracy theories. The September 9/11 incident has been termed as one of the greatest tragedies in modern times. This was marked as possibly the first act of terror against humankind in modern times committed by the notorious Al Qaeda terrorist group. This was retaliated in the form of “War against terror” by the American government under the presidency of George W. Bush, which eventually led to a full fledged destruction of Afghanistan.

    However, conspiracy theorists have another view about this terror attack. Though many of them differ in their opinions as to the true motive of this attack, the common consensus is that this was an inside job by the American government and had nothing to do with Al Qaeda. They go on to say that Bush knew about these attacks way before hand. Some even claim that he was satisfied by the job well done once he heard about the incidence. One common motive many conspiracy theorists state is that this would generate a mass support for American militarization and expansion of the police state.

  3. The JFK assassinationJFK Assassination

    Everyone knows that it was John Wilkes Booth who assassinated the late American president Abraham Lincoln. But who killed John F. Kennedy still remains an unsolved mystery to this day. JFK was assassinated on November 22, 1963 in Texas, USA. He was shot by a sniper when he was riding along with his wife Jacqueline Kennedy in a presidential motorcade. The investigation concluded that he was shot by an employee of the Texas School Book Depository, called Lee Harvey Oswald.

    However, conspiracy theorists attach a theory to this stating that there were several parties involved in assassinating JFK. The claims involve parties such as the Federal Reserve, the FBI, the CIA as well as the KGB (the Russian intelligence agency). Even people such as Richard Nixon, George H. W. Bush and Fidel Castro are claimed as people who might have been involved in this assassination.

  4. Illuminati and the New World OrderIlluminati

    Beat this conspiracy theory if you can. If you have watched YouTube, you would have definitely come across this conspiracy theory stating that there is one secret group which is currently controlling all international affairs with an iron hand – the Illuminati. According to this theory, there is only one motive for this group and that is to achieve total world domination and a New World Order. Some claim this to be an extremist renegade group from the Jews called the Zionists. Some even claim that the illuminati is formed by other powers unknown to mankind (certain alien groups working with humans). The theory also implicates few famous and powerful people who were a part of this illuminati such as the Rotschilds and the Rockefellers. The conspiracy theory regarding illuminati is as deep and wide as an ocean, and shrouded in mystery.

  5. Apollo moon landingApollo Moon Landing

    It is still a mystery whether the Apollo moon landings happened in reality. Research upon research and debunking of different theories have happened and are still happening in order to investigate the reality of these moon landings. However, there are evidences on both side which are hard to ignore. On one hand, the US government has firmly stood its ground that the Apollo moon landings did happen and it marked the victory of humans to travel in space. However, the conspiracy theorists are not far behind with their claims and evidences. Many shocking evidences which with little common sense prove that most of the photos taken were fake and it was impossible for them to be taken on moon. But do photos alone prove that America and NASA faked the moon landings and told the entire world another big lie? If it was not fake, why hasn’t there been any moon landings since 1972?

  6. Pearl Harbor incident was allowedPearl Harbour

    The Pearl Harbor incident altered the entire course of World War II. This led to the unthinkable act of mankind of destroying two cities in Japan for decades or even centuries to come. History says that Japan attacked Pearl Harbor provoking America to drop nuclear bombs on Japan. However, conspiracy theorists claimed that the then American president Franklin D. Roosevelt perfectly knew in advance that Japan was attacking Pearl Harbor and yet covered it up. This was deliberately done so that Hitler could be sucked into entering a war with America, since the American public and Congress were strictly against U.S.A. entering a war in Europe. America utilized this opportunity as a back door entry to the war which was raging in Europe.

    Theorists claim that many countries had already warned America about the impending attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan. America had even intercepted and broken all the codes by the Japanese. Yet, Roosevelt allowed the attack to happen and covered up any previous knowledge regarding the attacks.

  7. The Philadelphia experimentPhiladelphia Experiment

    This may not be a very famous one, but for people who know about it, this incident is nothing less than a horror story which can send a chill down the spine of even the bravest man. This incident is supposed to have occurred on October 28, 1943 at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Pennsylvania. The idea of the project was to render the U.S. Destroyer escort USS Eldridge invisible to human observers for a short time. The U.S. Navy however claimed this experiment as a complete hoax and maintained that it never happened.

    According to conspiracy theories, the experiment was based on the military application of a particular “Unified Field Theory” which involved gravity and electromagnetic radiation. Through a special application of this theory, it could be made possible to render the ship invisible to human observers. The experiment was intended to be a huge success, however the effect was something no one had imagined. The theories suggest many horror stories regarding this experiment. One such story is that, at a certain point of that experiment, the ship indeed became invisible, but when it started reappearing, many sailors found themselves embedded in the metal structures of the ship, and some sailors never reappeared. Whatever the truth about this incident, this is nothing short of a horror story.

These are just some of the conspiracy theories which are world famous. There are many others who haven’t made it to this list. One can either believe in these theories or completely ignore them as creations of attention seekers. Whatever they are, there couldn’t be anything juicier than a conspiracy theory.

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