Smoking can Affect Sex Drive, Suggests Study

Smoking man

Smoking can slow down your sex drive reveals a new research study. Smoking quitters reported greater sexual arousal compared to those who started smoking again after quitting the habit briefly. The researchers say smoking affects not only impotent men but also those who have good sexual health.

Reason to Quit smoking
Christopher Harte the study author from the VA Boston Healthcare System says many youngsters continue smoking thinking they would not be affected soon because of their youthful health. But, these findings should motivate such young men to quit smoking, the researcher said.

Smoking Quitters Were Aroused More
In the study, 65 sexually healthy men were enrolled in a quit-smoking program for eight weeks. They were shown sexually racy films to gauge their response. At the end of eight weeks, 20 men hadn’t smoked for a week at least, while the 45 others continued to smoke. The quitters showed more arousal to the racy films compared to the smokers. Besides affecting sexual prowess, smoking can also cause heart disease and cancer.

Smoking Causes Erectile Dysfunction
Previous studies have revealed that chain smokers are twice more likely to be impotent compared to non-smokers. This indicates that smoking can greatly increase the risk of erectile dysfunction. Smoking slows down the dilation of blood vessels, which is required for an erection. Researchers say even those who do not suffer from impotence or erectile dysfunction can benefit greatly by quitting smoking as soon as possible.

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