Many US College Students Suffer from Lack of Sleep

Sleeping student

A new survey reveals that many college students in the US suffer from lack of enough sleep. The researchers say this could impact their learning ability. Researchers at the University of Cincinnati surveyed about 200 undergraduate students about their sleeping schedules and habits. Most of the students worked part time or full time. 55% of the students said they slept for fewer than seven hours every night. 24% slept for seven to eight hours, while 21% slept greater than eight hours each night.

Impact of Sleep Deprivation
The researchers say lack of adequate sleep can affect memory and concentration. Adam Knowlden, the study author, says sleep saves energy and repairs body cells, which boosts memory consolidation. During sleep, our brain cleans memories, and makes stronger connections. It also eliminates unnecessary memories.

Factors Causing Sleep Deprivation
In a sleep deprived student, all these processes are affected. This impacts their learning ability, memory, concentration and mood. The researchers say lack of sleep due to work pressures and deadlines affects the students’ ability to maximize their academic potential. The students stated financial concerns and lack of ability to manage stress and time properly as the factors that caused their lack of sleep.

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