9/11 – The Decade Since

9/11 – The Decade Since

Sunday marked a day of remembrance in the history of US – a decade since the shocking event of 9/11.Commemorative events were held on Sunday to mark the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, paying homage and tribute to the innocent lives lost that day.

President Barrack Obama arrived early in New York on Sunday, where the plane hijackers flew the airliners into the World Trade Center’s twin towers, to pay a visit at the Ground Zero site. Then, he visited the Pentagon, which was also targeted. He laid a wreath at the marble Wall of names in Pennsylvania. A fourth passenger airline crashed into the ground near the rural area.

President Obama’s Speech
The president made a speech in the evening at a memorial event in Washington DC. He reminded US commitment to its ideals. He also said that the decade since the September 9 attacks has strengthened the nation. President Obama said that the past ten years tell a story of the country’s resilience. He added that these 10 years have proven “that America does not give in to fear and we hold fast to our freedoms” and the “America has shown its resolve to defend our way of life and its citizens”.9/11 – The Decade Since

“Two million Americans have gone to war since those attacks. Too many will never come home. Those soldiers who survived carry dark memories from distant places and the legacy of fallen friends.” He also said that “Nothing can break the will and spirit of a united America. We have overcome civil war and slavery, fascism and bread lines, riots and recessions, communism and even terrorism”.

The president ended his speech with these words: “May God bless the memory of those we lost, and may God bless the United States of America.”

Walking down the Memory Lane!9/11 – The Decade Since
In the last 10 years since the gruesome 9/11 attacks, much has changed in the world. If we look keenly, then we can unravel the bitter truth. Western nations, led by U.S., mercilessly invaded and occupied Afghanistan and Iraq. They tumbled the rulers and unleashed sectarian insurgencies and violence. Thousands of soldiers as well as civilians lost their lives in the due process at a cost of trillions of dollars. Also, western military forces made a permanent base in both countries.

The War on Terror, a third war, has instigated changes in the United Sates which has pushed against the limits of what American society will ever accept in return for internal security – erratic measures like invasive airport checking methods, wiretapping, water boarding, indefinite detentions, and pre-emptive military raids. As countless American citizens remembered those lost on 9/11 attacks, and building new skyscrapers in Manhattan nearing completion, most military bases are scheduled to leave Iraq by this year end and Afghanistan by 2014.

Now, a new structure known as “Freedom Tower” is being constructed at the site of Ground Zero – the site where the erstwhile Twin Towers of WTC stood.

Ground Zero Site – Rise of One World Trade Center One World Trade Center
Every day in lower region of Manhattan, rays of early morning light touch the sprawling rooftop of the Century 21 store; on the centuries-old, chipped gravestones edges near Trinity Church; and creep through the metal bars of the Cortlandt Street subway station. However, the subway station remains closed – a chilling reminder of the shocking events of 9th September 2001, when a group of terrorists hijacked 2 Boeing 767 passenger lines and crash landed them into the Twin Towers of the WTC just across the street.

Ten long years after the sad event, sun rays still find their way among the glooming shadows. Bright light pours onto just-hung glass sheets, freshly hardened concrete, and recently erected steel beams as construction is under progression – the layout of a taller, newer 1,776 feet tower at One World Trade Center.

The ‘reborn’ site is where a high rise building termed as the “Freedom Tower” is rising up ‘from ashes’ as it is scheduled to be completed by 2013. It is the most prominent and largest structures among the novel collection of New York City buildings at Ground Zero. These mammoth structures are built in order to replace what we lost, memorialize what we lost, and last but not the least – signal what will be.

9/11 – A Brief History!
The 9/11 atrocities, which resulted in 2,995 reported deaths, destroyed three buildings in the World Trade Center, New York. Also, these attacks severely damaged the Pentagon and even involved another event in which an airline crashed in Pennsylvania.

The “official take” on these attacks is well known – it involved four passenger jets hijacked by 19 Muslim terrorists; the South and North Twin Towers of the WTC and a third building (WTC7) gravitationally collapsed due to structural steel weakness from fires. Also, none of the terrorists came from US Alliance war zones Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine or Somalia.

End of the Story – Silence kills and Silence is ComplicityThe Human Spirit
Whenever history has been ignored, it is most definitely repeated. Peace is the only way to ensure rational risk management although silence kills and silence is complicity. All of us must raise our voice against the heinous acts of terrorism and try to curb it at the root level. Despite repeated acts of terror, our spirit is not broken. Like a phoenix, we will always rise from the ashes and never back down!

As Ben Stein said, “It is inevitable that some defeat will enter even the most victorious life. The human spirit is never finished when it is defeated…it is finished when it surrenders.” Salute to the human spirit!

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