Salmonella Contamination Forces Recall of Ground Turkey

Cargill Inc. has again recalled its ground turkey from stores after salmonella was found in a tested sample. The culprit was the again the company’s Arkansas plant, whose products were recalled last month. This time the recall is smaller compared to last month’s 36 million pounds. The salmonella outbreak that led to that recall had affected 107 people, killing one.

Same Strain
This second recall is not linked to any illness. It was initiated because of salmonella found in a sample taken from Cargill’s plant in Arkansas. The company had cleaned the equipment in the plant last month and added additional safety measures. The same salmonella strain found in the sample had caused the earlier ailments.

Smaller Recall
Cargill said food safety is important and seriously implemented at its plants. The company has suspended the production of ground turkey at its Arkansas plant. However, other products continue to be produced. In the second recall, 185,000 pounds of ground turkey products have been covered nationwide. Consumers who have bought the recalled products need to call 1-888-812-1646 for further instructions.

Food Poisoning Facts
The CDC reports 50 million Americans fall sick every year due to food poisoning, which claims about 3,000 lives annually. Most of the illnesses are caused by salmonella contamination. Health officials advise people to cook ground turkey to 165 degrees to make it safe for consumption even if it is contaminated. People should wash their hands clean before and after handling ground turkey.

Symptoms of Salmonella Infection
Common signs of salmonella infection are fever, abdominal cramps and diarrhea within a few hours or days after eating a tainted product. Salmonella infection can prove fatal to those who have weak immune systems.

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