Jog or Walk Briskly to Lose Belly Fat


A new research study reveals that brisk walking or jogging is the best way to trim belly fat, rather than weight training. The researchers say mildly obese or overweight people who wish to lose liver fat, visceral fat or belly fat should indulge in aerobic training instead of resistance training. These findings appear in the American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism.

The Study
In the study, there were three groups. One group did brisk walking on a treadmill. The second group did weight training, while the third performed both workouts. The study focused on visceral fat which is located deep inside the body in the stomach area. This kind of subcutaneous fat can be dangerous, say the researchers. In the study, the group that did vigorous aerobic training, most successfully reduced their inner fat. The reason: vigorous aerobics burns more calories.

Diet to Burn Belly Fat
Another new study reveals that a diet rich in dairy products and protein items can effectively trim belly fat. This finding was published in The Journal of Nutrition. In this study, three groups of overweight women were put on three different diets comprising of high, medium and low dairy amounts, coupled with low or high amounts of carbs and proteins.

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