50% of Americans Drink Soda or a Sweet Drink Daily

Soda cans

A new CDC report reveals that 50% of Americans down a soda or sweet drink every day. And, five percent drink more than four soda cans daily. Health officials say one should not consume more than half a can of soda every day.

Soda Blamed for Obesity Epidemic
Soda and sweet drinks have been blamed for the obesity epidemic in the US. Health experts have been advocating people to cut down, and have even proposed a soda tax. Many schools have banned the sales of artificial juices and soda on their premises. A coalition of 100 organizations has started a campaign urging companies to ban the sale of sugared drinks on their premises, and also to stop serving them at corporate meetings.

The CDC report reveals that:

  • Men consume more soda than women.
  • Teenage boys drink about two soda cans every day.
  • Poor Americans drink more soda than the rich. Poor adults get about nine percent of daily calories from soda, compared to four percent for richer Americans.
  • Blacks drink more soda than other ethnic and racial groups.

The CDC Study
The study was based on interviews of greater than 17,000 people between 2005 to 2008. Health experts say one must get only 64 calories each day from soda. A regular Coca Cola can contains 140 calories and the total sugar content in it adds up to about 12 teaspoons. More than 50% of soda consumption occurs at home. School consumption is not even one percent.

Parents Should Lead the Way
The coalition says parents should lead by example and abstain from sweet drinks. They hope to make drinking soda as uncool as smoking cigarettes.

Soda Makers Decry Movement
Not surprisingly, the American Beverage Association has criticized the efforts of the coalition. It says full-calorie soda sales have been declining as soda makers have begun to offer healthier options such as low-calorie and no-calorie drinks. The association says these efforts will help more to solve health problems like obesity, than the “hype” created by the coalition.

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