Back Pain Management

The back being the location of the spine, any back pain is not good and back pain management should be tried straight away. The spine facilitates majority of your movement and irritation of the nerves and muscles around it, so it is not a good thing and should not be taken lightly. After finding out what is causing the back pain, methods of management should be devised appropriately.

Test Before Back Pain Management:

Before deciding on a back pain management technique or procedure, it is best to first have some tests done by a doctor to determine what is causing the pain. The causes can range from bad posture, injury to the muscles or nerves in the back, injury to the spine or vertebrae, to diseases affecting certain parts of the back such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and obesity.

Back pain can be either chronic or sudden in appearance and disappearance. It may be burning, tingling, sharp, or dull and throbbing feeling. It may radiate from the back to other areas of the body such as arms, buttocks, legs, neck, and shoulders, depending on the areas affected and the cause of the pain.

There are a possible number of pain management options for the back including invasive surgical procedures, non-invasive techniques, medication options, and options offered by alternative medicine. What option you choose is dependent on what is causing the pain and what your doctor says is likely to work best.

Medication options

Medication to help deal with back pain can come in all forms including muscle relaxants meant to ease the tension in the muscles forcing them to relax and thereby reducing the pain caused by the muscle spasms.

Another can be narcotic medications used especially after someone has had an operation and anti depressants though these may be addictive and people should be careful when using them as you may instead create a new kind of pain while getting rid of another.

Analgesics and anti inflammatory drugs are also good for combating pain and may do you some good in treating your back pain problems. It should be remembered that all medication should be prescribed by a doctor and taken according to the instructions strictly.

Invasive and surgical options

Radiofrequency radioablation which involves the killing of the nerves causing the pain especially for severe pain, but the medical society is divided over its efficacy and whether it should be used at all.

Surgical implantation of spinal stimulators or opiod infusion pumps to the affected area directly though effective is still in doubt. In the case of degenerative disc disease, corrective surgery may be the final option. It should be known that surgery is the last option when dealing with back pain and should not be rushed to.

Epidural injections and prolotherapy, the latter is an injection in the affected region for stimulation of circulation of blood to allow for the repair of the damaged ligament. Epidural injections will offer immediate relief to intense pain though the effectiveness of the prolotherapy is in doubt.

Non invasive, non drug and alternative options

Exercise and physical therapy works a great deal in relieving pain, especially if your back pain is caused by staying in certain positions for too long. It will make your muscles much stronger and able to deal with extra stress that you may put on them. Aerobic, flexion, and general stretching exercises will do you a great deal of good. Just make sure not to strain your muscles.

Cutaneous stimulation which involves hot and cold therapy are known to alleviate acute back pain if tried properly. It is said to give best results when combined with exercise. Water therapy is a good way to combine this technique to ease pain.

Changes in your behavior, this is for those whose back pain springs from factors involving bad personal habits. This could include the way one walks, sits, eating habits, etc. If something in your way of sitting is causing you pain, the minute you change your posture then the pain is going to reduce incredibly and eventually will be gone.

Manual manipulation of the affected area in the back is a good way to get rid of back pain. These include massage therapy, chiropractic therapy, acupuncture, and osteopathy. These methods are the ideal way for dealing with back pain especially if it is not acute pain. They can be used for relieving chronic pain as well.


Back pain management is varied but all methods are channeled toward easing the pressure in the back area. This is because most pain in the back comes as a result of undue pressure on it. The best way to deal with it is to relieve the pressure, and also for those whose back pain is as a result of being obese, a simple reduction in weight will get rid of the extra weight that is weighing down your back muscles and nerves.

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