Obesity to Affect More People in the US and UK

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The obesity epidemic is set to become more widespread and affect more people in the US and UK, reveals a new study. 50% of American adults will become obese by the year 2030, which will also balloon up the nation’s health care costs. By 2030, 51% of American men and between 45% to 52% of US women will become obese. This will add 65 million more obese people to the nation’s population. Of these, 24 million people will be aged more than 60 years.

Obesity to Surge in the UK Too
These calculations were made from data garnered for 2007-2008, when around 32% of Americans were obese. By 2030, obesity will surge in the UK too from 26% to 41-48% in men. In British women, obesity will surge from 26% to 35-43%. This will add up to 11 million more obese UK adults, out of which 3.3 million will be aged greater than 60.

Obesity Will Raise Medical Care Costs
The study was conducted at Columbia University in New York and Oxford University in the UK. The researchers say medical care costs will increase because obesity is known to cause ailments like stroke, heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Obesity and all these diseases will increase health care costs by $48-66 billion annually in the US. In Britain, costs will increase by $3-3.3 billion annually.

Obesity Facts
Worldwide, there are about 1.5 billion overweight adults and an additional 0.5 billion obese people. Around 170 million children are obese or overweight. In many nations, tackling obesity takes up between 2 to 6% of the total healthcare expenditure. In some countries, obesity has overtaken tobacco as the biggest cause of preventable diseases. These findings were revealed recently in The Lancet.

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