Hula to the Beat of Hawaiian Drum!

Hula to the Beat of Hawaiian Drum!

If you are a fitness freak, then hula is one such wonderful low-impact fitness activity. It is a superb combination of music and movement, which makes it a fun-loving activity too! This workout not only improves your flexibility and strength, but is a great stress reliever too! The best thing about this workout which makes it stand out is that the movements are just not willy-nilly, but they represent an object, image or symbolises a reference!

If you look back into the history of hula dancing, then one thing you would see is that Hawaiian people used this dance form to illustrate stories told in songs chanted by Hawaiian poets. So, wear your grass skirts and do the hula to the beat of Hawaiian drum!

Hula Dance – The Heartbeat of the Hawaiian!
Hula is a dance workout which is accompanied by song (mele) or chant (oli). This was developed by the Polynesians who settled there originally. This dance portrays or dramatizes the voice of the mele or oli in visual dance form. The arms and hands move in a graceful manner to describe the open waves, seas, flowers, palm tees, moon, waterfalls, and the stars.

This Hawaiin dance form had a resurgence during the reign of King David Kalakaua, who encouraged the traditional hula dance. This dance is still dedicated to the goddess of hula called “Laka.” This is not a normal workout like any other because rituals and prayer surround all the aspects of hula training and practice.

Hula has changed drastically in the 20th century as it was featured in tourist spectacles like the Kodak Hula Show. This dance form was also used in many Hollywood films. A new form of this dance form called the hula ku’i has been started, which is a combination of both old and new forms. However, the religious sentiments played a significant part of the practice.

Hula Music is Fun!
The music for this workout is fun as they use portable acoustic instruments. The music is one killer factor that draws more people to learn Hawaiian hula. Some of the instruments used are:Hula to the Beat of Hawaiian Drum!

  • Steel Guitar, which accents the vocalist.
  • Guitar, that is used as a lead instrument or as a part of the rhythm section.
  • Ukulele, which is a six or eight stringed instrument to maintain the rhythm.
  • The dog’s tooth anklets worn by the male dancers, are also considered as instruments as they makes sounds while stamping the feet.

Hula Dance – What are the Steps?
Hula has variety of steps which are used in different combinations throughout the workout. The basic step is the ha’a, where you stand with the knees bent. The ha’a is the step that kick starts other steps. The other steps include the hela, the lewa, the ami, and the ka’i. The ami is the basic step that includes hip rotation. Other steps include foot and hip movements simultaneously, like lifting your legs and shifting the weight from one foot to the other.

Hawaiian Hula – Dance Your Way to Better Health!
Hawaiian people love this dance form as there are a number of health benefits. So, here is how this dance form is found to be beneficial to the young and old equally. Hula to the Beat of Hawaiian Drum!

  • It builds beautiful lean muscles. The steps and movements target the right parts of the body, especially the hips, waist, and abs.
  • This amazing dance form packs a great cardiovascular punch. It strengthens the heart.
  • This amazing dance form is a bone building activity.
  • This Hawaiian hula builds a great amount of coordination and grace.
  • This killer workout improves you motor coordination. The steps that you master helps you to be more secure, especially during the bodily movements.
  • It even enhances your memory as you have to memorize all the basic steps. So, if you are one among those who fall under the category of absent-mindedness, then here is a workout for all you people to sharpen your memory.
  • Finally this amazing hula dance is great fun! The songs or the music are so soothing that it makes your hula workout unique every time!

I hope you now perfectly understand how hula dance benefits you, irrespective of your age.It works holistically by developing and enhancing both the mental and physical health. The best part is that the hula is much more a pleasure to watch than practice. So, what are you waiting for – wear on your grass skirts and do the hula!

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