Love, Living and Cultural Differences

It is true, that sharing common traits is what makes a relationship enjoyable but, it is also not false to say, that little differences are what spice it up and make a relationship interesting. Relationship is sharing – be it physical or abstract things. We are all familiar with the adage “Love is Blind”. When we fall in love – religion no bar; region no bar; language no bar – in fact, the whole world seems so small to have such barriers. All said and done, when we come back to the real world, and two people who are in a relationship, belonging to different cultures start living together they are bound to experience the impact of each other’s culture.

In love, this should make no difference and act as a hindrance but, we are humans after all, and adopting or dwelling in a completely alien culture can prove to be difficult. During this learning and adopting phase, there can arise a few differences between the two of you and it takes some effort to keep your relationship going.

The Cultural Differences

Dealing with cultural differences can be one of the biggest challenges in a relationship if not the toughest. This is because, one has to take in his/her partner’s religion, nationality, language, race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic class and what not. Each and everyone has our own set of beliefs and traditions that we try to uphold and so, understanding a new culture, and that too of the person you are in love with requires a real heart.

Even if you are a person who’s got no strong beliefs, it can be so, that the person you are in love with might be a staunch believer of his/her culture. So, there in lies the challenge.

Deal, Patronize and Love

Patience, my friend. You might be under the impression that you know everything about the person you love. But as you start living or exploring together, you start to feel that you know nothing about them. This is where impatience would set in, ergo quarrels and arguments. It is important to give each other some time before you begin to question the doings. Time is of no value here, take as much as you can to learn each other.

Have that respect. No doubt, the culture you have learnt to embrace is great. Now, think of it from your partner’s perspective. He/she feels the same for one’s own culture. Once you realize this, there is mutual respect for each other’s actions. Also, this gives you the chance to teach each other. This is how you find time for each other, and this is how love grows and this is how your bond becomes strong.

Reach out. Build bridges and not walls. Communicate with your partner, work out your differences and let the bygones remain bygones. No better way to sort out your differences than communicate.

In reality, these things are easier said than done. But you are with this person for a reason and let culture not hinder the progress of your relationship. Give it your best shot, and love sans frontiers.

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