Some Tips on Heel Pain Relief

Heel pain can affect the whole leg and make it impossible for you to move around, thereby, immobilizing you. This is why you want to take care of your heel and make certain that it is free of pain. Now, if you already have the pain, here are some tips on heel pain relief to get your feet back to their normal glorified duty of moving you from place to place.

Tips on heel pain relief

Stretching exercises: These are exercises meant for exercising the plantar fascia and so reducing the pain that erupts from discomfort of the nerve. You can try stretching the back of your legs at the edge of a stair, massaging the bottom of the foot using a can or smooth bottle, and or do exercises aimed at both the knee and heel.

Rest and reduction in activity level: In this case, you want to reduce the stress that you put on your feet as that maybe what is causing the pain. Your feet need a chance to fully rest if they are going to be able to heal themselves. This applies to people who spend a huge amount of time on their feet, or for those who have vigorous exercise routines that may cause pain to their feet.

Ice pack massage: Doing this twice a day on the arch at the bottom of your foot to soothe the nerve is bound to do you some good. An ice pack massage is a sure way to tone down an inflammation and reduce the resulting pain and you too should try it out. It is simple enough to be done at home, yet effective enough to have been used by a great many sports professionals around the globe.

Appropriate shoes and shoe inserts: These are meant to help you deal with supporting your body and its many weights during the day. Supportive shoes are usually a good answer to ease heel pain. Your doctor should know what shoes are best for your foot type to help minimize the pain and will advice you accordingly.

Medication: If for any reason the above tips fail to work, then your physician may recommend anti-inflammatory medication to help bring down the inflammation and so reduce your pain. This however should be done as a last resort as some pain relieving medication is addictive and you do not want to get bugged down with another problem.

Caused when the ligament at the bottom of the foot is torn resulting in inflammation and pain, heel pain relief is necessary if you are to be able to move on with your daily life activities. These tips will help you deal with the pain and move past this episode to a better time. The best way to deal with this pain is to relieve pressure and stress to the foot in general and heel in particular. You may even consider weight reduction, especially if you are on the overweight side.

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