Ecstasy drug can Treat Cancer, say Researchers

British researchers are exploring if party drug ecstasy can be used to treat blood cancers. Researchers at the University of Birmingham reveal ecstasy can be modified to destroy cells with cancer. Previous research had found that cancers that affect white blood cells respond well to a few drugs such as ecstasy, certain antidepressants and weight loss medications.

Ecstasy for Blood Cancer
The British scientists say their findings can lead to the use of ecstasy derivatives in patient trials to treat blood cancers like myeloma, lymphoma and leukemia. Health experts opine this finding is exciting. But, they do not wish to raise false hope in patients.

Urgent Need for Drugs to Treat Blood Cancer
The researchers discovered that the required dose of ecstasy to treat tumors would be fatal. So, they isolated the party drug’s cancer destroying properties. They are also exploring ways to enable ecstasy molecules to easily invade cancer cell walls. Health experts say effective non-toxic drugs which have little side effects are urgently needed to treat blood cancer. These findings were recently published in the journal Investigational New Drugs.

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