Spartan Workout for Killer Abs

Always desired for that ripped killer abs which the Spartans showed off in the movie 300? I am sure you tried different pills, powders, supplements, ab rockers and all the flashy gadgets you saw on TV and yet nothing worked. Have you tried the Spartan workout for abs yet? If not, then it is high time you learned about what it is and how it can help you become irresistibly attractive by having those 6 pack killer abs.

However, know one thing that this is not a shortcut for gaining ripped abs. There is no healthy shortcut to get instant six pack abs. The only way to get a six pack in a healthy way is religious workout of your body. The Spartan workout especially is not for the faint hearted. One thing you can be sure is that though it will take time, you are definitely bound to get the abs you always desired.

Now, are you ready and willing to go for this workout and get those beautiful abs? If yes, then let’s see what this Spartan workout for abs is and what it involves.

The Spartan workout for killer abs

It is also called the 300 workout, since this was the workout all the men in the movie 300 followed, in order to get those six pack abs you were craving for. So, here is the original workout.

• Pullups – 25 repetitions
• Barbell deadlift of 135 lbs – 50 repetitions
• Pushups – 50 repetitions
• 24 inches box jumps – 50 repetitions
• Floor wipers – 50 repetitions
• Single arm “Clean and press” with 36 lbs – 50 repetitions
• Pullups – 25 repetitions

Does it sound like a killer? I bet it will, but wait, don’t run away yet. You can start this at a slower pace, increase it and go to the final stages.

The 300 beginner workout

• Body-weight rows – 15 repetitions
• Body-weight squats – 25 repetitions
• Pushups – 15 repetitions
• Jumping jacks – 50 repetitions
• Mountain climbers – 20 repetitions
• Close-group pushups – 10 repetitions
• Body-weight rows – 15 repetitions

The intermediate workout

• Pullups – 25 repetitions
• Dumbbell deadshift – 50 repetitions
• Pushups – 50 repetitions
• Body-weight squat jumps – 50 repetitions
• V-ups – 50 repetitions
• Dumbbell push press – 50 repetitions
• Pullups – 25 repetitions

Instructions for the actual Spartan workout

Remember that all exercises should be done without a scheduled rest between moves.

  1. Pullups – 25 repetitions

    Grab the pull bar with both your hands gripping it slightly wider than your shoulder width apart. Pull your chest to the bar, give a pause and then bring down your body to the starting position.

  2. Deadlifts with 135 pounds – 50 repetitions

    Load the barbell with 135 lbs and roll it towards your shins. Bend your knees keeping your upper body straight and grip the bar slightly more than your shoulder width. Without bending your upper body again, thrust your hip forwards and stand up with the bar. Squeeze your glutes when you perform this movement. Then lower the barbell to the floor keeping it close to your body.

  3. Pushups – 50 repetitions

    Place your hands on the floor such that they are in line and slightly wider than your shoulders. Keep your feet close together. Lower your body such that your chest almost touches the ground. Pause at this point, and then yourself back up to the starting position.

  4. 24 inch box jumps – 50 repetitions

    Stand in front of a strong and sturdy box that is high enough for you to jump with some effort. Stand straight with your hands and shoulders normally placed by your sides. Dip you knees, jump and land softly on the secure box. Step down, reset your feet and repeat it again.

  5. Floor wipers – 50 repetitions

    Load a bar with 135 lbs weight and hold it above your chest. Bring both your feet up to the left plate together, down to middle, then up to the right plate and then put them down in the middle. Repeat this 50 times.

  6. Single arm “Clean and press” – 50 repetitions

    Hold a kettlebell between your feet and stand shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees keeping your body straight and grab the kettlebell. Drive your legs and hips through the floor in order to bring the kettlebell to your chest. Push overhead and then lower it to the ground in a controlled manner. Perform 50 repetitions.

  7. Pullups – 25 repetitions

    This is same as the first exercise. Perform 25 repetitions of this exercise.

Are you still up for it? Then start following this Spartan workout for abs and you will be a star attraction for the ladies and an envy of your friends.

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