Quit Sedentary Lifestyle..!!

Nearly 85 per cent of people lead sedentary lives, according to the World Health Organization. This number indicates that a large number of people creating a larger problem, which is a passive lifestyle. This kind of lifestyle is as much of a risk factor for diseases like obesity, high blood pressure and smoking. Lets take a look at the drawbacks of a sedentary lifestyle in this article.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Negative Points of Sedentary Living
The following are a few major problems that are associated with sedentary lifestyle:

  • This lifestyle makes you an easy target for chronic health conditions like obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis, hypercholesterolemia and diabetes.
  • A person living a sedentary life also has an increased process of aging. Your vanity may be a good thing after all — at least it may force you to get up and about if only to look younger.
  • Mood swings, a general dip in energy levels and a feeling of lethargy can be caused due to inactivity.
  • While sitting all day long can ruin your posture and also give you a backache.
  • Compare your body with a machinery. When you don’t use your machinery for a long time and is lying idle, it will get rusts. This same happens with your body muscles too after long periods of inertia. It may result in muscular atrophy which can lead to various physical injuries.
  • Absence of physical activity also messes with your immune system and makes you prone to illnesses.

How to Get Moving and Get Active
Step up and increase your activity level because even a small bit counts, even household jobs like spring cleaning the home and carrying out the weekly shopping activity. A small move by the body uses up energy and burns calories. Burning calories is the ultimate target. Here is an interesting calorie chart which you can follow to burn your extra calories off:

  • Cooking – Cooking will burn 148 calories/hour.
  • Dressing, feeding and taking care of grandchildren while standing – These activities will help you burn around 207 calories/hour.
  • Cleaning and dusting home will burn 207 calories/hour.
  • Dancing will burn 266 calories/hour.
  • Jogging on a trampoline lets you burn off 300 calories/hour.
  • Playing squash, tennis or badminton will let you burn 400 calories/hour.
  • Running will help your burn 400 calories/hour.
  • Kicking and punching (when punching a bag as the target) will lead to burning off of 400 calories/hour.

playing tennis

Extreme Benefits of Being Active
The following are a few amazing benefits of being active:

  • Exercise is an excellent way to deliver what counts —oxygen, blood and nutrients — to where it matters the most — body tissues, body organs and body muscles.
  • Physical activities help condition heart and keep it in right shape which protects against coronary heart diseases. A healthy heart also implies no gasping for breath when emergency comes like when you have to run to catch the train or, when the elevators in office fail.
  • Overall physical activities make you feel happy. Body workout increases blood flow to the brain and triggers endorphins release, which are referred to as feel-good hormones. They have the similar effects on the mind like antidepressants.
  • A regular body workout will not just give a good body, but also gives a peace of mind. A person who is physically active will take better decisions and can cope with the life in a better way as compared to a person living a sedentary life.
  • Any aerobic exercise like jogging, dancing etc will help in providing a better memory as they help fuels the blood supply to the brain.
  • Among menopausal women, low bone density is a common problem and regular workout helps make the bones stronger and reduces the risk for fractures.
  • High blood pressure can be controlled effectively by regular workouts.
  • Physical activities help keep the body muscles from atrophying, hence improve the body strength.
  • They help rejuvenate the cell renewal process, repair, enhance growth and delay the beginning of aging.

The above are a few benefits of quitting a sedentary lifestyle.

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  1. I love your article! I really noticed the difference when I started exercising. A few months back I was exactly what you described in the first part of your article, as my job entails long hours in front of the computer..until I realized I just have to make changes. I got myself a Zumba DVD and started having wonderful fun while losing 500 calories per hour. I don’t notice the time while doing it and I feel really great afterwards. Now I’m on the lookout for other exercises to do, suddenly became a health buff.

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