Benefits of Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a simple and easy meditation technique, which has many physical and mental benefits. All you need to do is sit still for 20 minutes every morning and evening, and silently chant a given mantra. The mantra is actually meaningless and its job is to take your mind from the surface turbulence down to its inner depths where there is stillness and quiet. With practice, you will be able to stay in this calm inner state for longer minutes. With time, the benefits of TM will spread much beyond the 20 minute duration of your practice. Read on to learn all about the numerous benefits of transcendental meditation.

TM Maximizes Brain Potential
Research reveals that TM creates positive brainwaves, which helps us to utilize the potential of this vital organ to the maximum. One benefit of this phenomenon is increased creativity, which will help us find innovative and effective solutions to every day problems. Our clarity of thought also improves and we learn to look at the world and ourselves in a new light.

Reduces Stress
In today’s hectic world, stress is widespread and causes many physical and mental ailments. Some reasons for stress are a fast-paced lifestyle, pollution, traffic gridlock etc which tax our patience. TM teaches us to slow down and take life easy. We learn to live in the moment and cherish it. As a result, we learn to enjoy work, take it easy during a traffic jam and find similar creative solutions to problems which previously vexed us and caused stress.

Better Learning Skills
In many western countries, TM is taught in schools and colleges. And, the results have been encouraging. Research reveals that TM reduces aggressive behavior and hostility, and promotes harmony and a positive attitude in students towards education and their classmates. Academic stress can be killing if you do not know how to adapt. Students can especially benefit from TM as they need the creativity, calmness and innovative thinking that TM breeds naturally.

Improved Relationships
All of us have some interpersonal problem or the other, at home and in the workplace. TM teaches us to treat others like ourselves and find harmonious solutions to interpersonal issues. This helps you deal positively with a bossy superior or a nagging spouse. We learn to live and let live and even become compassionate towards others even if they are hostile towards us.

Increased Spiritual Awareness
TM teaches us there is more to us than the transient body and the monkey mind. We learn intuitively that we have a soul which can be trained to dispassionately watch the non-stop antics of the monkey mind and physical needs of the body. Once we conquer the mind, we conquer the world. Creation seems like a dream and we float through existence in bliss, even enjoying the travails that come our way.

Increased Relaxation
TM is an ideal antidote to a strained mind. In fact, research reveals that we reach deeper states of relaxation while practicing TM than when we sleep. Thus, 40 minutes of TM a day can help us serenely relax our mind and body. And the results can be a pleasant surprise. A relaxed attitude helps to prevent aging effects, cushions unexpected shocks and we look much younger belying our actual age. We learn to perform each task with relaxed attentiveness, which increases our productivity and helps us enjoy the creative process.

Better Sleep
Insomnia is an unfortunate side effect of a harried lifestyle. TM promotes better sleep by warding off stress and tension. Our quality of sleep improves and we become more refreshed and ready for the next day’s tasks. In fact, with practice, 40 minutes of TM every day can help us reduce our sleeping hours, as we receive complete relaxation and rest during the 40 minutes of TM practice.

Reduces High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure or hypertension is becoming a common ailment in many parts of the world due to stress, leading a sedentary lifestyle and eating junk food. TM reduces blood pressure as our heart rate slows down during the practice and the heart gets rest and relaxation. Diabetes and hypertension patients can thus gain a lot from regular TM practice.

TM can Enhance World Peace
Various TM foundations are trying experiments on the effectiveness of this meditation technique in enhancing world peace. They estimate that even if a fraction of people in a particular region practice TM regularly, the gains can be immense. Individual positivity can create social coherence, and society on the whole can benefit by increasing the number of enlightened citizens in its midst.

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  1. I remember hearing about this form of meditation when I was in college. Of course, at the time the church I was going to wouldn’t allow me to even think about this. I always thought it was much more involved than that but in this post, it sounds pretty easy so I’ll have to check it out more.

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