Excessive TV Time can Reduce Lifespan, Reports Study

TV Time

Watching too much TV can reduce your longevity, suggests a new study. Australian researchers have discovered that people who watch TV for an average of six hours each day, die five years earlier than those who do not watch TV.

Australian Study
Researchers at the University of Queensland reveal that after age 25, every hour of TV watching reduces lifespan by 22 minutes. This study thus suggests a connection between excessive TV watching and reduced longevity.

Indirect Effects of TV Watching
Health experts say there are many indirect effects of watching TV. This habit induces people to eat mindlessly before the TV screen and reduces physical activity, which increases the risk of obesity and chronic diseases like cancer, heart ailments and diabetes. Moreover those who watch TV for long hours may be depressed, isolated or lonely which can also cause premature death. This report was recently published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

TV Time is akin to Smoking
The researchers analyzed data obtained on about 11,000 people aged more than 25. Their findings suggest that the dangers of excessive TV watching can be compared to smoking and a sedentary lifestyle, all of which reduce life expectancy. The researchers estimate that without TV, life expectancy would increase by 1.8 years for men and 1.5 years for women.

Health experts say to improve heart and overall health, one should exercise regularly and avoid spending too much sedentary time.

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