Just 15 Minutes of Daily Exercise can Extend Lifespan

Cycling exercise

A recent Taiwanese study has found that even 15 minutes of daily exercise can extend one’s lifespan by three years. Many people exercise 30 minutes daily, five days each week, to gain benefits. But, this regimen may be time-consuming for many. To motivate such people, the Taiwanese researchers tried
to discover whether fewer minutes of exercise can also benefit people.

Details About the Research
The researchers found just 15 minutes of daily exercise such as brisk walking can benefit anyone. This applies to all people including unhealthy individuals and smokers. These findings were recently published in The Lancet medical journal. The study tracked more than 400,000 people for about 13 years, monitoring their health and physical activity.

Benefits of Daily Exercise
The researchers found that just 15 minutes of even moderate exercise daily extended lifespan by about three years, compared to inactive people. Daily exercise also reduces the risk of cancer, they report. These findings echo studies which monitored Caucasian participants. This research is notable because it establishes that even a minimum duration of 15 minutes of daily exercise can have immense benefits.

The researchers are optimistic these findings will motivate inactive people to get off the couch and allot 15 minutes daily for moderate exercise.

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