Surge Workout for Faster Fat Loss

Surge Workout

Tired of doing hours of cardio exercises or abs workout for reducing your belly fat without seeing any results? How about doing a 5-10 minute surge workout a day to burn your overall body fat in a faster way? Research shows that if you want to lose your body fat, doing just cardio will not help you. In order to reduce your body fat, you should burn more calories and convert excess fat into muscle.

Surge workout, also called burst training, can help you lose fat and build muscle while building your strength and power in a shorter duration. It has high-intensity and short bursts of exercises which produce excellent results.

So, let us see what surge training involves. But before that, here is a word of caution. Burst training or surge workout is not a “get slim easily” way of reducing fat. It can definitely help you burn your body fat in a shorter duration. However, it is not easy, and requires discipline and a proper regimen for it to be effective.

Another thing you need to remember when following this regimen is that once you start following burst workout, you should give your body a period of rest of 24-48 hours (i.e. no workout within this period). This is because burst training involves high intensity exercises which can easily begin burning your calories. As a result, if you try doing any other exercises within this period, it may start eating up your muscles and can easily lead you to have weakness.

Surge workoutPush-ups

Burst training includes short bursts or surges of explosive exercises, high intensity weight training and body weight movements. A surge is when you are pushing your body to its limit. The two key words in surge workout are “surge” and “period of rest”.

One advantage of burst training is that it not only burns your fat during your workout, but it burns your fat even after you finished working out, while most of the other training programs help you burn your fat only during workout. This means, burst training or surge workout will convert your body into a fat burning furnace even after you have finished working out.

But why is surge workout really unique? Simply because, only your imagination can limit what exercises you want to include in this training. In other words, you can include any kind of exercises in your burst training as long as you keep your intensity at its maximum during that surge.

How to do surge workoutHow to do Surge Workout

Here is the right way of doing surge workout. Follow these steps so that you can have maximum benefits from this training.

  • Before starting any kind of workout, warming up is very important. So warm up for 5-10 minutes with some stretches, a brisk walk, or a few very basic yoga postures. Then you can get into the surge workout mode.
  • For surge workout, you should be doing 3-4 high intensity exercises which can pump up your heart rate up to 80-90% of its maximum.
  • Each exercise should last for 45-60 seconds followed by 1-2 minutes of rest or very low intensity exercise. 3-4 exercises followed this way comprises of one set.
  • You must repeat this set 3-4 times a week. That means you are burning your fat faster than other workouts by working out just for about 30 minutes a week. How does that sound?
  • One thing to remember is that, it is not necessary that you stretch yourself beyond the breaking point. The point here is to push yourself to the maximum every second of the surge, so that your body starts burning fat faster. So, in the beginning if you are able to perform an exercise only for about 10-20 seconds, stick to it. You can slowly increase it after some time.

As stated earlier, you can use any combination of exercise. However, it is recommended that you mix some cardio and body weight exercises to give an overall lean and yet a fit body. Some of the exercises you can include are stair stepping, elliptical machines, jumping rope, dumbbell swing, dumbbell row, etc. Also, make it a point that you change your exercises at times so that you don’t get bored and it keeps your body excited.

Make sure you follow this surge workout for having that lean and fit look which can make you an envy of your neighborhood.

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