Women Smokers More at Risk of Heart Disease, Reveals Study

Smoking girl

A new research study reveals that women smokers are more vulnerable to heart disease compared to male smokers. The researchers reviewed data on about 44,000 cardiac events and 2.4 million people. They found that women smokers suffer a 25% higher risk of coronary heart disease compared to men smokers.

Continued Smoking Increases Risk
These findings have been published in the medical journal The Lancet. The research also reveals that women smokers increased their risk of heart ailments by two percent with every year of continued smoking, compared to males. The study’s lead author, Rachel Huxley of the University of Minnesota, opines this difference in the effect of smoking on the two sexes has been recognized only of late.

Women Inhale More Chemicals and Smoke
The researchers attribute the different impacts on physical differences and variations in smoking habits. They say women absorb more quantity of the harmful cigarette chemicals, compared to males. Women may also inhale more intensively, taking in more smoke and chemicals.

Smoking is Popular Among Women
Huxley now wishes to study the impact of other smoking-related complications like strokes on women and men. There are about 220 million women smokers around the world. In the developing world, smoking is becoming popular among women because of rising political status and economic prosperity.

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