Causes of Sharp Pain in Lower Abdomen

Pain in the abdomen is usually symptomatic of problems with the organs located in the abdominal area. While men suffer from it as well, sharp pain in lower abdomen is generally endured by women more and here are some of the possible causes of the pain.

  • The most common cause of sharp pain in lower abdomen for women is the menstruation cramps. If it is that time of the month either a few days before or during your period, then you know the pain is just cramps associated with menstruation. Some women also get mid-cycle pain or ovulation pain.
  • An ectopic pregnancy, where the egg starts to grow in other parts of the reproductive system such as the fallopian tubes instead of in the uterus. This is known to cause lower abdominal pain to women and can even at worst lead to their death.
  • Endometriosis, where uterine lining is growing outside the uterus is also felt as pain in the lower abdomen for women. The extra blood produced due to this condition can cause blockages and pressure in the area where the uterine cells are growing which is going to cause the person pain.
  • If associated with vaginal bleeding, the pain could be a miscarriage and if associated with breaking water, then it is labor pains. This is applicable to pregnant women, though an ectopic pregnancy can also resemble a miscarriage. In any case, you should get to the hospital immediately.
  • The muscles of the uterus could suffer abnormal lumpy growth to create a condition known as fibroids whose pain is also felt in the lower abdomen. Extreme lower abdominal pain especially during the menstrual period is one of the major symptoms of fibroids.
  • Sexually active women should also watch out for pelvic inflammatory disease which will occur if STIs go on untreated and they spread to other parts of the reproductive system. The sharp pain will be felt most during sex and it may be accompanied by foul smelling vaginal fluids.

Causes of sharp pain in lower abdomen that will affect both men and women are also given below.

  • Appendicitis, where the appendix ruptures and causes a lot of pain. It is localized to the lower right abdomen close to the navel and is to be treated immediately otherwise it is fatal. The pain will get worse as you try to walk. Over time and once you feel it, contact a doctor and have yourself scheduled for surgery.
  • Kidney stones also cause sharp lower abdominal pain. In this case, extra calcium and uric acid solidify and form crystals that can not be pushed out of the body. They are then likely to put pressure on the kidneys and so causing pain.
  • Lower abdominal pain combined with constipation and bloating of the lower belly are symptomatic of the irritable bowel syndrome and the patient may have to go in and see a doctor to get some advice on how to deal with it.
  • Any disease or infection, sexual or otherwise, that is affecting any of the organs in the lower abdomen is likely to cause pain in this area. The organs include bladder, ureter, urethra, ovaries, fallopian tube, testicles, prostrate, uterus, kidneys, and the lower part of the large intestines. The diseases and infections include bladder cancer, ovarian cysts, kidney stones, Crohn’s disease, prostatitis, twisted testicles, urinary tract infections, allergies, perforated ulcer, dysentery, diarrhea, and endometrial cancer.

Sharp pain in the lower abdomen, if extreme, should be taken to the doctor. Especially if you are a woman and have hopes of having children some day because it is likely to be a problem with your reproductive organs. Also, pain in the abdomen may be simple stomach ache but if it is abnormally painful, it could be something fatal. So do not hesitate to call a doctor. It is better to be sure that nothing is wrong than to be sorry that you did not go to see a doctor in time.

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  1. PLEASE THUMBS UP SO THEY CAN SEE THIS! I was on the trampoline earlier today and i landed incorrectly while doing a trick (i am a cheerleader) and my right lower side started to hurt, it doesn’t hurt too bad but it does hurt quite a lot, kind of like someone is punching me. I can also kind of feel it in my back as well. it hurts more sitting down.. Please help, should i go to a doctor? I am TERRIFIED of surgery! :/ PLEASE HELP!

    Louise Washington

    • Few pain conditions end up in Surgery and ultimately it is better to go see a doctor to rule out the possibilities of injury to an internal organ. Most likely you will just be given some medication to help you heal, and if it is bad it is better to know than to live in continuous pain.

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