Lucid Dream – Is ‘Inception’ Possible?

Exploring your dream state needn’t just be a celluloid experience. In fact this phenomenon has enough scientific backing and the concept has been well established. Welcome to the world of ‘lucid dream’. So wondering what a lucid dream is – “a lucid dream is a dream where the person dreaming is fully aware that he/she is actually dreaming“. So a dreamer is well aware of the fact that he/she is in a dream and everything happening around is not physically real.

Understanding Lucid Dream

The term ‘lucid’ here translates to mental clarity. The dreamer is so clear about the state and the environment of the dream that one automatically realizes that all the things transpiring around him/her are just not real. But then again, the extent of lucidity or clarity varies. The higher the lucidity, the better the awareness and the lower the lucidity, the lesser the difference between the real and dream states.

A lucid dream, though not real, can seem real allowing the dreamer to participate in and manipulate the environment.


Remember the question from the movie ‘Inception’ – “You always end up in the middle of a dream but, do you know how you got there?”. In fact this is a question that again can only be answered in a dream.

There are two ways in which one can enter a lucid dream, viz.

  • DILD (dream initiated lucid dream) – you enter a DILD like any other normal dream only to realize later that you are dreaming
  • WILD (wake initiated lucid dream) – you enter the dream directly from an awake state with no consciousness lapse

Does Lucidity Give us Dream Control?

Now that we know that we are dreaming and there is no harm done, does it give us a chance to actually control the lucid dream?

  • Despite being aware of the fact that you are dreaming, you might not have any control over the content of the dream, and it is also highly likely that you can have enormous control over the dream but may not possibly realize that you are in a dream.
  • But then again, if you know that you are in a dream, that lucid state does allow the dreamer (though constrained) to influence the events and their consequences.

Can One Learn to Control a Lucid Dream?

It is in fact possible to take control of a lucid dream but, it comes with intense practice. It is very tough for one to know that he/she is dreaming and remain asleep. So, it is important not to wake up once you have realized that you are dreaming. Once one gets better at this, the higher the chances of lucidity.

Lucid dream is a certain possibility and can sound a superb Sci-Fi ride. But it is necessary that one has a strong reason to practice lucidity. These reasons can vary from person to person (psychological fears, fantasy, adventure, treatments etc).

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