Paper Cone can Give Relief to Women with Knee Arthritis

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There is relief at last for women suffering from knee arthritis. They can use a cone made of waterproof paper to relieve themselves without discomfort. Chinese Researchers have invented this contraption which can be used by American women with knee osteoarthritis.

Useful Device
In Asia, women suffering from bad knees have a tougher time because sitting toilets are not common. Squat toilets only make answering the call of nature more difficult for knee arthritis patients. Even in the US, unsanitary toilet seats can force women to urinate while crouching or squatting. Such difficulties force many women to hold back till they reach home, which increases the risk of bladder problems and urinary tract infections.

Knee Arthritis in America
Knee arthritis is a leading cause of disability in America, affecting about 16% of adults above 45. It is caused by obesity and overweight. Women are more commonly affected.

Practice Makes Perfect
In the Chinese study, more than 80% of women faced no difficulty relieving themselves using the waterproof paper cone. A few reported errant urine and wet clothing trying to use the cone. The researchers attribute this to the novelty of the experience and suggest that practice will make perfect.

Cheap and Handy Cones
In the USA, these cones are sold by a company called P-Mate. They are disposable, sold for $1 each and can be carried in one’s pocket. These cones are popular among women attending festivals where they may have to use a port-a-potty. Travelers to foreign nations with squat toilets also purchase them.

Doctors can Recommend these Cones
The Chinese researchers say physicians treating women with knee arthritis should ask their patients if they experience problems while urinating. The doctors can recommend these useful cones to their patients to help them overcome their voiding problems.

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