How to Deal with Sinus Pain Behind Eye?

Sinus pain behind eye occurs in this particular place because the sinus membranes are located in the area just behind the eyes. Any irritation or infection of the sinuses will lead to pain ranging from severe to mild or non-existent.

The easiest way to tell whether it is sinus pain behind eye is to press lightly on the eye lid and if the pain and pressure appear to increase then it is so. Also, feeling tired and sleepy while the pain is there could also be a sign. The swollen sinus membrane presses onto the eyes forcing the body to produce melatonin, the chemical responsible for sleep. Infected sinuses may also cause a fever, headache and chills.

Some ways of treating the sinus pain

  • Taking over the counter decongestion medications.
  • Anti-inflammatory pain killers are also good.
  • For an infection, you can take antibiotics.
  • Horse radish and cayenne powder have also been known to help.
  • Gently massage the area around the eyes to help ease pressure.

The best prevention is to stay away from anything that you have learnt overtime will irritate your sinuses. Once you realize that you have this problem, see a doctor and then get them to advice you on the best course of action on how to manage the resultant pain. With a routine, you should be able to minimize the effect from the irritation or infection.

However, if the pain exceeds what you are used to, there may be a complication where an infection has extended beyond the sinuses and so you may have to go see a doctor and may even have to stay in the hospital for some time.

The best way to deal with sinus pain behind eye just like any other pain, is to treat the cause of the pain. Do not rely much on pain killers but rather go for the source and have it eliminated. Once the cause has been removed then the pain will disappear as well and you will be free.

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